Reseller Mystery Box Unboxing | Fashion Maids

Reseller Mystery Box Unboxing | Fashion Maids

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is a bonus video I don't normally post on Saturdays but I had some extra content then I wanted to share with you guys and so I thought I would just go ahead and fit it in as an extra video so today we're gonna be talking a little bit about reselling again so this video specifically I'm going to be sharing a subscription service with you guys it is called fashion maids I just heard about it it's actually a brand new service and they did reach out to me and asked me if they could send me a like a box to unbox and share with you guys this is not sponsored they did send this package to me for free but they are not paying me to do this post in fact they said I don't I don't have to share it with you guys if I didn't feel the need to but I thought it was a cool idea so I thought I would go ahead and share what I got in my box and what it's about and all of that so yeah let's get into it so you guys know I love Poshmark and I also love doing subscription boxes so I'm constantly on my channel here talking about both subscription boxes and Poshmark so I thought that this would be a perfect video because it kind of marries both of those topics so fashion maids like I mentioned they are brand new I think they they launched a couple months ago now and basically their service they you can either just order what a one-time box or you can sign up for a monthly subscription box and it is meant specifically for resellers you don't have to sell on Poshmark but it's for reselling you know on eBay or Poshmark Macari wherever you sell they send you mixed sizes you don't get to pick your sizes and it's you know just like a mystery box so each month if you sign up for the monthly box that's $65 a month for ten items and all items are supposed to be new with tags so and that breaks down to about six dollars and fifty cents per item that's a kind of average for what I would expect to pay at a thrift store usually I'm paying depending on the item I mean whether it's like a tank top or a dress or pair of shoes my cost of goods usually ranges anywhere from like a dollar up to ten dollars if I pay up for something so it is kind of in that range and since its new with tags it seemed like it would be kind of a good deal so I thought I would try it out it really just depends on the quality of the items whether or not that's a good deal and then there is also the option like I mentioned of a one time box which is $10 more so it's $75 if you choose to do just a one time box and that makes your cost of goods seven dollars and fifty cents per item which is kind of on the higher end so again it's new at AG so usually if I'm in a thrift store and I'm finding items that are new with tags I will pay up a little bit if it's something that I'm interested in if it's something I would want to list in my pouch mark store currently on my Poshmark I don't really have like a branded store like everyone talks about branding your store and having like a specific style I feel like I am moving in the direction of having more of a specific style in my store because I do notice myself gravitating towards you know a specific type of style when I'm outsourcing but a lot of the stuff that I have in my Pasha Mart closet were things that either were you know from my personal closet or things that friends and family when they cleared out their closets gave me bags full of stuff to go through and I've been selling so I do still have a lot in my Poshmark closet that is items that I would not have picked myself so I'm working towards rebranding but that's the one main downfall I saw with this type of a service is that you don't get to select the styles that work with your store so if you're a really branded store if you really like a specific type of style specific if you go for it normally like a certain size or if you are usually looking for certain brands or anything like that this would definitely not be for you because it is a total mystery they did when I signed up for this they did ask me to fill out a little information about what types of stuff I'm looking for so I I can't remember exactly what I said but I I know I said please no jeans or dresses because my closet is currently way too full of jeans and dresses for some reason I feel like when I go into my thrift store I go straight for those aisles and I shouldn't because I have too much already but so I said please no jeans or dresses and I think they asked what your favorite brands were and I listed off a bunch of brands I normally sell and none of those were in here I think that's about it they didn't really ask whole lot so I think if you signed up for the monthly subscription though you can probably give them feedback same ways you would do with other clothing subscriptions you can give them feedback about what you liked and didn't like but let's look at the products and then we'll talk a little bit more about it at the end and also I did want to let you know they said like I said they sent me a code to get this first box for free but they sent me a second code to share with a friend well I don't have like friends in real life that are our resellers that would actually have any use for that code so I thought it would be great to include the giveaway in this video so if you want to enter the giveaway I will have a link down below if you're a reseller PLEASE resellers only enter the giveaway because if you're just a regular person not doing reselling I don't think that you will have a use for these items because like I said it's a variety of sizes but if you are a reseller and you're looking for some new in or some free inventory that is new with tags make sure you enter the giveaway I'll have a link down below the only rule is that you're subscribed to me on my channel here to enter the giveaway that's it there will be bonus entries I always like to include bonus entries for people so there'll be lots of bonus entries but to get entered all you have to do is be subscribed to my channel so yeah I think that's it it's just a code they gave me that will give you a one-time box for free so once I select the winner I'll just email you the code so you can place your order and have it shipped directly to you okay that's a long long intro so let's get into what was in the box after I show you all of the clothing items I will give you guys my thoughts at the end so alright the first thing is this sheer printed blouse here and it is a it's hard to show but it is a long sleeve blouse it has a really interesting design on it I don't know how I would describe the design it's just got like a bunch of different geometric patterns on there and it feels very fall to me like the color scheme at least feels very fall it is new a tag so it does have the tags on it and it has like the extra button and the and most of these brands but I'll just tell you now I have not heard of before the brand is called Hayden Los Angeles and it is a size small so that was the first thing that came in okay next up this one feels very spring to me so this is like a another sheer item it's like a sheer tank top and it has like kind of a cream color and then you have this crocheted insert right in the center there and then it almost has like a ruffled kind of bottom too it's very cute so that's what that looks like hopefully you can see it you might zoom out a bit because it looks like it's a little close and then it has just like a single button closure on the back again it does have the tags attached it is new with tags none of these tags have any prices on them though I did look at them none of them have prices and this size is a size small here's what the label looks like it's called on 12th okay next up there was a skirt and this is like a black denim skirt and it has like a raw what would you call this like almost like a raw destroyed hemline here and it does have kind of an a-line shape to it and that's what it looks like and that has like a stretchy waistband which is interesting this one again it does have the tags attached no price or anything like that on it and this is the brand honey punch and this brand is called honey punch and it is a size small oh okay so this next piece this is the only item in the whole box that I received that I recognize the Brander had heard of the brand before this is a brand that is sold at Macy's I don't know if it's sold anywhere else but I have seen it ma C so this is an interesting little top I think this is actually kind of cute it's not a style I would normally gravitate towards or pick up but I do think it will do okay so it's got like this crocheted sweetheart neckline right here and then it's really beautiful very spring feeling floral bottom to it and it's just this little spaghetti strap tank top and then it has like these little pom-poms hanging off the top I just thought it was really cute and like I said this is a brand that is sold at Macy's is called the brand is ma erican rag and again this is another size small so I'm not gonna go through prices and everything on here because I want to wait till the end to talk to you guys about my thoughts about pricing and all of that okay oh this one was interesting as well so next up we've got this this one oh that one didn't did that one have tags yes yes this one did have new with tags as well and this actually had a Macy's clearance sticker on it so yes this was from Macy's I almost forgot to mention that but this the last price shown on here was thirteen dollars and 93 cents original price was 48 dollars so that was this item okay and then the next thing this had some return receipts on it which I thought was kind of funny so again this this item is from Macy's it's this kind of a is this dark orange colored tank top and then it has this really pretty embroidered handkerchief hemline I don't know if you guys can see that let me hold it up higher can you see that yeah it's like an embroidered hemline and it has a little handkerchief bottom to it it's very cute actually very soft material and obviously this is another Macy's brand because it has like a Macy's wreath return receipt staple to it this is the brand grace elements and this is actually a size medium so that's what it looks like again it does have the original tags attached but there is like a receipt on here as well I think it's like a gift receipt actually not a return receipt but um this was on clearance for $15 is the lowest price on here I will say everything looks very like seasonally appropriate for the most part next another tank top and this one is a cream-colored tank top again and then this one has along the neckline the sequins they're kind of like a mixture of colors but pretty much like gold and champagne colored sequins just like that right on the hemline and then it feels like linen it's not linen but it has the kind of linen type of texture to the fabric and then this brand is called n cream this brand is called n cream and I think this is a small again yes it's another size small and it does have the tags attached again so that's what that looks like okay this one this one was interesting to me I feel like it probably will sell but I I would never pick this up I'll just show you so this is a little romper and it is a completely crocheted romper I actually should list this right away because festival season is like right around the corner and I feel like that someone would buy this for that it's got the sweetheart neckline again it's completely crocheted and then in the center here the crochet is like more open so you can actually see skin through it and then you have these teeny tiny little shorts like this is the smallest I'm gonna step back a bit this is like the smallest romper in history it's so tiny when I first pulled it out I was like is this a children size because it's so small but it's not it is for adults it's just very short pair of shorts and the brand is May and July and it is again another size small again it does have the tags attached so here's that but no pricing on it just just the tags from the brand okay next up we have another tank top this one's a really pretty blush color tank top and this one feels more substantial than the other ones the other ones are very lightweight fabrics this one's very substantial it has it's like fully lined and it has these really pretty ruffle sleeves hopefully you can see that pretty good it'll look a lot nicer on a hanger but it has these really pretty ruffled sleeves that go down pretty long and then it does have this little belt in the back which is kind of different because I don't think there's a way to adjust the size of this belt so that's a little weird but that's what it looks like it's just it's very basic except the ruffle sleeve that is the main detail on this and then that little belt in the back it does have a hidden zipper in the back and the brand is do and B and this is a size medium again there's the tags okay this is my least favorite item from the box I just don't I don't like the style of this I honestly don't think I'll even list this in my closet but I don't know you guys let me know down below what you think I feel like sometimes I don't know I'd love to hear you guys has opinions on all of these items so this is a vest let me see if I can open it up right it's just wanting to move all over the place okay this is just a vest it's like a light gray vest kind of like career apparel style has a single button closure right there it does have the faux pockets these aren't real pockets and then in the back it does have a little bit of a more narrow back to it almost like a Razorback sort of so that's what it looks like this is the only item that came in my box that was not new with tag so it does look like it was never worn but there are no tags attached to this item the brand on this is Potter's pot and there is no size on this item it and this is a size small the size tag on the top is well there is no size tag on the top here if I could get it straight but the material tag on the bottom does say it's a size small okay and the final item this is a blazer now when I saw this I thought that these went together but they're different colors this is more grey and this one is definitely more of a like a beige II brown color but this is just a blazer very basic blazer that's what it looks like again it has a single button closure it's a little bit more of a boxy style to it and then this was my only like larger size everything was a small or a medium in the box except this one item and this is from the brand have Plus and it is a 1x this one does have the button attached but there's no tag attached so just house it just has a replacement button so I would probably list this like like new without tags since it doesn't have the original tags on it just has like the button so it clearly was never worn but it does not have any tags so yeah that's what that was the last item okay I will say they did also send me a necklace I don't know if they always send a bonus item or if they just did this since I'm an influencer so I'm I can't you know say for sure whether or not you would get a bonus item but they did send me this like necklace this tiered necklace and that was it okay so that was everything that came in my box so my final thoughts I I feel like pretty much everything with the exception of the two items that had the Macy's stickers on them I think all of these are coming from like maybe a boutique the brands that are in here I'm not familiar with and they look like boutique brands so I'm assuming that the owners of this business are probably doing retail arbitrage and maybe they have like a relationship with a local boutique where they're getting products from them that didn't sell or something like that at discount prices and that's how they're building this box I don't typically like to pick up boutique brands for my store because I find that they don't have enough of a following so they don't get a lot of searches and they just don't sell as quickly now there are exceptions to that I definitely have some boutique items in my store if it's a really cute style or or style that I personally like or feel like fits in my closet I would definitely pick it up for the right price I don't think I would pick it up for the price of 650 or definitely not first 750 if you're buying this as a one-time box I think it would be a little bit too much so just like I say every time I do an unboxing on a monthly subscription box it's very hard to judge a box on a on a one-time I feel like you have to try it for at least 2 or 3 months consecutively to get a good feel for whether or not it's a box that you want to continue with I think based on this first impressions I probably would not buy another box or I wouldn't you know spend $65 for this box because I feel like I could go to my local thrift store and get better quality for for that price if I had $65 and I went to my local Value Village I feel like I could get better stuff maybe not as much maybe not 10 items but I definitely feel like I could get better stuff for that amount of money however I will say if you live in an area where you don't have a good option for a thrift store this might be a good way to do some sourcing I know when I lived in California in the East Bay we had no good thrift stores all our thrift stores were really awful like we go and I went in a couple times and I just didn't even feel comfortable going in there like everything was just really dirty and unclean and there was no good brands at all I was like Walmart brands so so I never went through 15 when I lived there but if if I were still living there wanting to do reselling this would maybe be a good option I still feel like it's just a little high that's my opinion I'd love to hear your guys's opinion what do you think and if you're interested in trying out this box definitely make sure you enter that giveaway and whoever wins this I really want to know what you get and if you're happy or satisfied with it or if you would be willing to spend your money on it so that's the thing about being an influencer when you get these items for free like this you have to really step back and say would I actually spend $65 I mean it's nice I got all this free inventory and I'm gonna list most of this I think I'm not gonna list the best but I might list the rest of it but would I actually pay 65 dollars of my own money to buy this probably not and if I did I don't think I would have been very happy so that's just my opinion I'd love to hear your guys's opinion and that's it for me today I hope you guys enjoyed this little bonus video and I'll see you guys in my next video bye guys

33 thoughts on “Reseller Mystery Box Unboxing | Fashion Maids”

  1. Message to Fashion Maids from my own experience: "I enjoyed a lot of the first box, there were my size, some slight bigger, some stains, few good brands for resell. I switched my subscription from the first box of 25 to a new subscription for the purpose of narrowing down my sizes to mostly Small and further narrow down preferred brands & to specified no stains. Unfortunately, your new subscription box came very disappointed. I trusted your service to support you again, but you dishonored your company by dishonoring our requests. Not only there're no match to the preferred brands I entered in the new subscription, I do not recognize a single familiar resell brands, the rest of the box were some… not so trendy boutique markdown wastes. There were stains & the sizing were bigger than ever asked for. The whole reason I got new subscription is so that I can specified to narrow down to more size Small to avoid getting too many bigger sizes, but the box of 25 items came with just 3 Smalls 2 Mediums and the rest were all size 8, L and XL + sized & full of never heard of brands with store clearance tags on & stains. Seeing how you value your services at times, it is not hard to tell there is no real business here, but an undercovered money manipulation scam from new sellers. I will be glad not to be doing anymore business with you."

  2. Fashion Maids is a joke, they have a how can we improve box for feedback, I filled it out, they sent me 1 damaged item, I asked for L and XL only (that’s my demographic), they send 2x and 18, I said no solid black ( I have too many for sale), they sent 2, asked for no dresses ( again, I’m overstocked on these) and they sent a dress. When they finally got around to answering my email, they accused me of demeaning them and threatening them…. Ummmm what? You asked how you can improve, I pointed out the mistakes, which they said I was “ criticizing” them, didn’t want to work with me on it and then turned around and they cancelled my membership and refuse to sell to me again! Be very wary of this company, if your not a you tube personality, they WILL send you crap clothes.

  3. Thanks for the review! I always imagine companies will send influencers the best stuff, so if that's the box they send an influencer, I definitely would never risk ordering one. I agree with you that it's not worth the money.

  4. thanks for sharing. 🙂 I'm always curious to find out what is in mystery boxes, but never actually purchased one. I mostly sell my own preloved items on Posh or things I ordered but didn't fit me. That being said I would love to enter your give away and finally experience a mystery box in person lol. My posh closet is @fancyhipster. Have a great day, xoxo

  5. I totally agree! Little known brands move very slowly for me as well! & it will be hard to make any profit at such high prices! Just my opinion!

  6. Hi Lisa! Definitely post the vest. Zara and other fast fashion retailers sell similar vests. It’s worth checking the comps on Poshmark. 😊

  7. Thanks for sharing! I've seen some other reviews and am thinking of trying out the box. I thought the items were very seasonal looking. So far I only have items from my personal closet listed so I am looking for more size variety and style variety. I loved the first top. A lot of boho festival type items. I have heard of Honey Rags before. The other brands I haven't heard of.

  8. Do Be is sold in Nordstrom Rack and on HauteLook. I actually really like their staff, and own a couple of pairs of pants.

  9. This type of mystery box seems like it'd be better value than the ThredUp boxes. The brands may not be amazing, but at least everything is NWT. It's not for me because I source mainly vintage clothing but I can see how it would be great for Poshmark resellers.

  10. I like the best quite a bit and could see wearing with a white T and jeans for casual or a more serious top for work in a business setting.

  11. Hi Lisa ,
    Well you know me, the retailer in me couldn’t not do some digging.
    I’ve actually typed this out not once but twice, and lost it b/c my iPad is cursed, or possessed or just trying to really cause me to cuss today, perhaps all 3. It started off with a ton of info for you..d.the 2nd round was less wordy, now here’s the kohl’s notes version. I have a ton more info, if you’d like it, u can just send, me a pm, or email me( I think u hav Emmy email addy) i’ll Use my laptop and send u back more info.
    Here goes,,again. For the third time, lol.
    All these brands are California based, 8/10 Are LA based , some are just wholesalers, meaning they don’t sell their own product via their own websites, or bricks and mortar stores. The rest sell in stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, belt, kohl’s, Bloomingdales, etc. In UK via topshop.
    Almost all have huge presence in on line retailers like, zulilly, overstock, eBay, Amazon, to a smaller extent threadup and poshmark. In version one I listed where each brand was sold specifically, so I ave that info, if u want it later.
    Many brands are sold thru a website called “shoptique”.
    I assume this company is buying in bulk from these LA based wholesalers, buying lot buys, and are paying very little per unit.
    The resell market of everyone of these brands is actually very good, shocking good actually.
    So, here is what I found per item/brand, and my best guess, suggestion on poshmark (PM) $.
    1) Hayden los Angles, blouse. $19,
    2) On Twelth crochet tank, $ 20
    3) Honey Punch denim skirt , raw edge ,$ 40 ( huge following on PM)
    4) American Rag crochet tank, floral bottom , $ 20
    5) Grace Elements red tank top , $25
    6) En Creme white/cream tank top with sequins Surprisingly high resell value on these, they are mid/upper retailer in fast fashion $ 50 ( many priced at this, if I want a quick sell, and people are used to coming to your shop for this brand, maybe $35)
    7) May + July crochet romper. This retailed for $97.00, it’s sold out everywhere on line, b/c it’s NWT, and very very on trend I’d list it for $45 , Three have listed and sold on poshmark
    8) Do + Be ruffled blouse , also a higher priced fast fashion brand, most blouses retail for around $100+ , I’d list it for $30
    9) Potter Pot , long sleepless vest, retailed for around $90 , this is very on trend at the moment, there are 4 of this exact same vest on poshmark for sale, all of them are wrinkled and show poorly if this is steamed and shown better it will sell easily for $15-20
    10) HAVEplus blazer, since this is just a 1x this blazer would work well as an over sized blazer for someone wearing a 12/14 , over sized blazers winched in with wide belts are very very hot this season, there are several pieces of this brand for sale on poshmark now, but not a lot of this brand on line. I’d price it at $20 easily
    So, final thoughts. Again, I agree with your thoughts that this company is buying bulk from more boutique style retailers, although, some of these brands are carried at national US chains as well. Many of the brands have heavy precenses in “overstock” , or off price style on line retailers like, overstock, zulilly, Amazon, and eBay. If this one box is a good representation of the brands they are focused on they are trading in a mid market to higher market in fast fashion so prices much higher than say old navy , more comparable to Zara, in some instances forever 21. The fashions represent a very on trend, contemporary feel, most of these pieces are only one season behind, in a resell market, that’s very good.
    So, there are a few reasons that people would suggest a reseller find their own niche and brand their resell store around that neiche. One is because this builds a repeat customer revenue, people will keep coming back to your shop because they know what style of things you are usually stocking your store with, second, and more importantly I think is that by DJ s8ng this neich that you feel comfortable trading in you will also become very very knowledgeable about those brands. Let’s say you limit yourself to 20 brands that fit the “vibe” you want for your store, over time you will become extremely knowle About those specific brands and you will be able to very quickly determine when something you find is a “good deal” , or, profitable item for you. If you spread yourself and your store a very broad net, it’s very difficult to know when you’ve found a great buy, and what is trending for that brand. I can sense from your reaction and from your summary at the end of the video, that to you, this wasn’t worth the cost of $65.00, pr $6.50/ item ( if buying on a repeat basis) , and that’s fine, that is your opinion given you didn’t recognize any of the labels, however, almost all of these brands actually have very good resell value, and for someone whose store specialize’s in this west coast vibe, this would be a gold mine for them.
    Quick math gives me the following
    Total possible revenue $ 269.00
    Cost of goods $ 65.00
    EST profit $ 204.00

    I hope this helps. Xoxo Hugs to lil bambino ~Vave …aka retired retail exec who just can’t help herself, ha ha. 😘❤️😂

  12. Interesting concept! Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I appreciate the giveaway as well. I also sell on Poshmark, though most of what I have right now is just my own stuff.

  13. I would list the vest. I used to wear them when worked and had to dress up for business. I wouldn’t always want to wear a full jacket nor would I always want to wear a really nice blouse. So I could wear more of a casual blouse with a vest in the summer when it got real hot. It was as not as hot on me when it was over 100 degrees or hotter outside.

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