S. Korea to allow parents to take simultaneous childcare leave from Feb.

S. Korea to allow parents to take simultaneous childcare leave from Feb.

now it’s Monday and that means it’s time
for our life and info segment where we focus on information we do hope we’ll be
useful for your everyday life particularly if you’re in South Korea
from early next year both parents that means mother and
father will be allowed to take simultaneous childcare leave in the
country childcare leave will also be extended to grandparents and
grandchildren park se-young with more starting next February the Korean
government will allow both the mother and father to take childcare leave at
the same time for the same child the cabinet has approved a change to the act
on equal employment and support for work family reconciliation getting rid of the
ban on working parents from simultaneously taking leave for the same
child also from the effective date of February 28th both parents will be able
to get childcare allowances another change is an introduction of Family Care
leave starting January 1st employees will be able to take off up to 10 days
per year due to family illness accidents old age or the raising of children and
the use of Family Care leave which have been allowed only for parents spouses
children and parents in law will be extended next year to grandparents and
grandchildren workers will give flexibility on their hours to under
changes to the Equal Employment Act passed in August employees will be able
to reduce their work hours for reasons like family care their health or to
pursue training and education as long as it can be shown that it won’t hurt their
employers business this will first apply next year to public institutions and
workplaces with more than 300 employees before being expanded to all workplaces
by 2022 park se-young arirang news

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  1. Oh yay .. the administration is becomming Human ? Your block to the most wonderful of all gifts https://youtu.be/BwyOwcLnASE

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