Scheduling App and Appointment Scheduling Software for Businesses

Scheduling App and Appointment Scheduling Software for Businesses

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an awesome
day. Today we’re going to be talking about scheduling
apps and appointment scheduling softwares. As we all know, technology is something businesses
utilize every single day. Without technology and computers, businesses
wouldn’t be as well organized. Let’s say you run a hair salon or a law firm. Your business is doing great and everything
is just awesome. You accept appointments by picking up the
phone, or responding to emails or contact forms. What happens when you’re closed, or what happens
if someone is in the middle of a meeting or a phone call, but wants to book an appointment
with you? What do you do? Well, you use a scheduling software! There are quite a few scheduling softwares
out there, and they claim to provide everything your business needs to grow and be more efficient. But which scheduling app is the right one
for your business? In this video, we’re going to go over the
best scheduling app for your business. Let’s get started! To start off, let’s ask: “What is an appointment
scheduling software?” An appointment scheduling software is a software
or tool for businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings; usually
done online. It also allows people to book appointments
with their favorite barber, hair salon, tutor, massage parlor, nail salon, and more! So how does it work? A scheduling app is usually a website that
clients can visit to book appointments with their business. The customer or client can book an appointment
without having to call, email, or text the business. They can simply visit an online booking page,
select their preferred date and time, and book their appointment. It’s that easy! The customer can also book an appointment
when the business is closed! It’s fast, easy, and slick. There is not back and forth, and the client
is super happy! On the other hand, businesses can personalize
their business’s settings. For example, a business that uses a scheduling
software can select the dates and times they want to accept appointments. They can also add services they provide and
collect payments before the appointment, directly online! That has several benefits such as reducing
no shows, increasing revenue, and saving time. An appointment scheduling software is super
easy to use. Actually, the whole point of one is to simply
the life of the business, and their customers. So let’s get started with the benefits. So what are some benefits that come with a
scheduling app? The list is endless but I’ll name a few. The first one is, email and text notifications,
so that your clients won’t forget or miss their appointment. They can also reschedule or cancel their appointment
if they have to; and they can do it all online. It boosts customer satisfaction as they are
able to use a software that makes their life easier. It helps the business become more organized. Without a proper scheduling software, your
business can become a mess. It also helps with the convenience of your
customers as they can book appointments at any time. It’s easy to reschedule appointments and take
care of your customers. It helps and streamlines the mundane tasks
and it makes your business more efficient. It’s super cost efficient and saves your business
money, since there is no need for someone to be at the phone to handle appointments
and scheduling. Plus, it only costs a few dollars a month
– that’s the price of a couple cups of coffee! It helps your business save time, as it allows
you and your staff to keep doing what you love. But the best part of it, is that it works from
anywhere, on any device, at any time. Now, let’s jump into the features of a scheduling
app. The features of a scheduling app are very
important as well. Some of these features make your life more
organized, and saves you a ton of time. A few features in an appointment software
are: 1. The ability to add and manage team members
and staff that’s in your business. 2. The option to accept payments online from
customers and clients. 3. You get to setup an automated email and text
messaging reminder or notification system. 4. You get to customize the services and appointment
types you provide. 5. It also comes with your favorite and existing
calendars, such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. 6. You have the ability to message your customers,
and vice versa. 7. And you also get to customize your booking
page. Now those are only a few features, but the
list goes on and on. Now let’s get to the best part of this video. The best scheduling app and appointment scheduling
software. With everything we’ve mentioned in mind, we set out to build the best appointment scheduling software for business, so they can accept appointments,
and more! And that’s exactly what we did. We built Set a Time! Set a Time is the best scheduling app and
appointment scheduling software for businesses. Set a Time is featured packed and simple
to use. It’s super user friendly, secure, and professional. Set a Time is like the front page of your
business. It’s there when you need it and it’s efficiently
running in the background when you don’t need it. Let’s dive in and see how Set a Time works
and what it can do for your business. Let’s hop over to my computer. I’ll meet you there! Hey everyone! I’m back at my computer now, and I just wanted
to show you what Set a Time looks like and what it can do for your business. So, as you can see, I’m on the website right
here, and the website URL is: – That’s: Now when you get to this website, you want
to go to the top right, and click on sign up. Then you will be prompted to sign up. After you sign up, you’ll be prompted to login. After you login to Set a Time, you’ll be taken
to a page that looks like this. So this is your dashboard. On the left hand side or the left sidebar,
you’ll see all of the links that go to different places on Set a Time. So for example, if you click appointments,
it’ll drop down, you can list all your appointments, or you can import and export specific appointments,
or appointments by the month or year. Going down the list, you have calendar and
that just displays all of your appointments in a calendar type of view. You also have messages, which you can see
your messages between you and you clients. You have a team management section, which
means you can add, remove, or edit team members from your business. There’s apps and integrations on the left
hand side, which you can implement different apps into Set a Time. For example, two-way sync between Google Calendar,
or Microsoft Outlook, or even both! You can also add a booking form onto your
WordPress site. As we keep going down, you will see the options
to upgrade your plan, business settings, your business information,
the dates and times you accept appointments, the types of services you accept, and much
more. Then you have your account settings, your
notification settings, your billing info, and your billing settings! Then you have the option to share your booking
page with other people and you have the option to embed it into your website, or another
website. On the left, you’ll have your booking page,
which you will be brought to the booking page for your customers to book appointments online,
with your business. So that’s pretty much it! It’s super simple and easy to use, and there’s
a ton of features you can explore. So definitely try it out! The link will be in the description of this
video. So do yourself and your business a favor,
and sign up today! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you later.

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  1. Great video! We use Set a Time as our appointment scheduling software. We often direct clients to book an appointment with us so it's easier to manage everything.

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