100 thoughts on “STARK Tutorial – Play Music & Text to Speech in Source games”

  1. @axynos its not wortking, i did everything right and it doenst transmit to the csgo, i can hear what tts says, but only on the stark program, its doesnt work on csgo …

  2. To everyone having problems, I'm sorry, but I won't provide active support for this version. If I ever finish v2, that's the version I'll be supporting. At this moment in time, I can not promise any release date for various personal reasons. It genuinely warms my heart that you all are willing to give my little application a chance, but the truth is that v1 is a buggy mess.

  3. it says stark cannot be executed and it needs an exec file to get executed and i wan't to use this for tf2 how do i get the exec file?

  4. It says it's for CSGO, does it work in TF2 and/or GMod?
    i mean, i know axynos said he won't be providing support, but anyone tried it?


  6. I downloaded the zip for STARK, but there is no exe file to install the program. Am I missing something?

  7. but its more faster for the app for the telephone put play in your app and hold your microphone ea<sy 😉

  8. virtual audio cable seems to introduce it's own bugs though. not always, but def not as bug free as just windows by itself.

    i wish AHK just had some sort of tool to just inject audio into your mic

  9. I wish the executable was on the github. Installing all this npm stuff just to see if I can get the software working is taking a long time. This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for though, so good luck with version 2. Happy coding.

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