Streaming Services Are Destroying Our Culture – South Park – “Basic Cable” – s23e09

Streaming Services Are Destroying Our Culture – South Park – “Basic Cable” – s23e09

Look at that.
Look! 240 channels of anything
we want to watch. No accounts.
No fucking passwords. Just pure, simple,
basic cable. [ Door opens ] Ma! Dad!
Guess what! Not now, Scott. Your mom and I are enjoying
watching whatever we want and not signing up
for anything. But, Dad, there’s
this new girl at school, and she has diabetes! Oh!
That’s wonderful, Scott! Yeah,
and guess what? She wants to come
over to our house! So, we have to
get Disney+! Aw!
Not this shit again! The answer is no! Dad, please!
This is my life! Streaming services
are destroying our culture, Scott! People got a thousand shows
at their fingertips 24/7, so now Hollywood has
to make shows within their shows to make more shows! But, Dad,
what’s wrong with people watching what they wanna watch
when they wanna watch it? [ As Scott Malkinson ]
What’s wrong with people watching what they want
when they wanna watch it? I’m Scott Malkinson.
I have diabetes. Unbelievable! [ Scoffs ]
Yeah, it’s me. It’s time we took all these
streaming services down. Tell all the guys
we’re meeting A.S.A.P., in a window between 10:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p.m. on Thursday.

100 thoughts on “Streaming Services Are Destroying Our Culture – South Park – “Basic Cable” – s23e09”

  1. Scott Malkinson dad was such a tool even if the cable tv industry dies he still will have a job laying down internet cables and maintenance of the lines

  2. After learning about amazon and Disney, it’s gotta be a lot to tackle when your trying to get rid of streaming services

  3. Fuck DIsney, BOYCOTT ! Bunch of woketard incompetent, evil fucktards ! They killed Star Wars, along with Katleen effing feminazicunt Kennedy and RUIN round-head Johnson ! No way in hell I'd get anything from them !

  4. This episode was not funny or creative. After the first 15 minutes I got tired from the show trying to present Scott and his predictable stupid family as funny.

  5. Streaming is bulshit I just want one platform where I can watch any show I want whenever I feel like it. Instead of paying for loads of different subscriptions.

    I want to see mandalorian but I need D+ I want to watch rick and morty but I need Netflix. I want to watch the grand tour but I need Amazon prime video.

    When will it fucking end

  6. Thus another instance of Matt Stone playing unlucky kid, and Trey Parker playing their abusive dad. Butters, Tweek, and now Scott.

  7. Cable companies are still the ones to sell you internet service in order to run said streaming services…

    My cable company "Comcast" Shoehorns in Xfinity streaming into all internet plans even though I said I wanted internet only and streaming removed they said they can't because it's included. So I have to pay state and local taxes on cable TV around $10 on top of a $50 internet plan and only get around 5 basic garbage channels with only 1 thing I care to watch "cops" unless guess what… You upgrade to a more expensive plan.

  8. Im gonna bring to anyones attention that when you pay for cable or dish your paying for 90% advertisements to watch 24/7

  9. I'm not into anything Disney+ has so I'd never sub to them, I used to have Netflix but their horror movies suck, Hulu is OK but their original content sucks, Amazon Prime is basically free since I use it for shipping even though they don't have much worth watching. That and Internet sucks where I live, so it's not financially worth doing streaming services.
    Life has imitated art a lot when it comes to South Park so I wouldn't doubt if the "over logging" episode came to be in real life while I'm still alive, hell I see PC babies everywhere I go…except some are as old as me.

  10. I fucking love Disney plus- i was like “yo mom let’s get Disney plus” and now they can’t stop watching the high school musical movies and the Mandelorian

  11. Dear South Park, I thought we agreed it was more about content and less about graphics. What happened? Bring the old creative south park back!

  12. Just another day on YouTube
    Cable is dead and streaming is the future
    You can watch any show online whatever comes to mind
    But with cable you are shackled and take more time
    Sure cable companies try to give you "deals"
    But instead you rather use that money to buy another meal
    In the end cable companies will have choice but to yield

  13. As a cable guy myself I thought this episode was absolutely hilarious, possibly my favorite episode of all time! There's no real life accuracy to any of the cable guy stuff, but it's still hilarious.

  14. I don't know for you but in France tv is completely dead, nobody watches it except free 25 channels or so, everybody has netflix and just want ro chill

  15. This is so wierd lol, we literally just signed up for the black box, we pay $6 a month, no contract and stream EVERYTHING on demand. My wife and I are happy campers, now YT reccomends me this episode? Are they trying to tell me something? 🧐

  16. And there's the issue of shows being locked behind too many streaming services. So now people are resorting back to pirating.

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