The 4 Biggest Challenges That KILL Your Motivation To Work Out When You Are Older

The 4 Biggest Challenges That KILL Your Motivation To Work Out When You Are Older

hello hello hello guys welcome to this
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I am Skip La Cour and I’m so glad you are with me joining me today in this
video I want to talk about the four things that kill your motivation when
you’re an older man right in this video I want to talk about the four things
that just kill your motivation when you’re a little bit older and you’re
trying to make Fitness a higher priority all right guys I’m so glad you’re here
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you’re watching me live on a replay version make sure that we connect and
make sure that you’re on all of my social media platforms I’m putting out
this type of passion energy information and inspiration that is specifically
designed for older men like you and me all over the internet so again make sure
that you’re on all of my social media platforms you’re motivated you want to
do the work or you want to make Fitness more of a priority now that you’re a
little bit older maybe this is the first time that you’ve put this amount of
focus and attention and you’re working on because you have to now that you’re a
little bit older maybe you took care of your family in your business the first
part of your life now it’s time maybe you want to prevent health challenges
maybe you have a few health challenges whatever it is you want to have more
energy more passion at this stage well if you’re thinking about your legacy
being around for your kids for your grandkids and so now you’re making
Fitness a higher priority maybe you did in the past maybe used to follow my
training journals online you’re really into it took what whatever it took
stopped and eight eight times a day maybe
just train a couple hours a day five six days a week whatever it took and now you
want to get back into it you’re thinking you gotta do all those things like you
did before right all of that effort made you feel great but you’re not doing
anymore probably didn’t pay off to the level
that you thought and so now you want to get back into whatever your situation
out now that you’re older you want to get motivated to work out and make it a
higher party that’s why you’re here that’s why you watch me and that’s why
you watch my videos and workouts role in my life right so in this video I want to
talk about the four things that kill your motivation I have some solutions
for you to make your journey to put all that passion and desire that you have to
make it work for you all right the first challenge that gets in the way
for a lot of older men is that their workouts their diet it’s too ambitious
it’s too ambitious for their lifestyle of this age maybe they’re following the
advice the passion the energy from the younger passionate fitness experts right
and and so they want to take that on those experts look great and they’re
very influential with their training stars they must work right but it’s just
too ambitious for still just too many days in the gym too long in the gym the
diet is it’s who burdensome stopping eating six times a day or whatever well
you don’t have to do that and I want to talk about how to be more effective and
efficient with your willpower focus energy and time when it comes to working
out it’s about efficiency it’s about effectiveness it’s not
necessarily amount of time or the days that you train it’s intensely so you
have to know things like what’s the right amount of sets and reps in what
type of energy intensity a weight a rep scheme right you know you have to know
how that all works rest between sets how long should be warm should you warm up
after you do a certain body part do you warm up again and again and again its
efficiency it’s what you put into your workout all right so if the schedule is
too ambitious you know if the eating planner has you
stopping the eight times day or whatever six times that you’re not going to do
that too ambitious there is a more effective way to do that
all right the 8020 rule what are the hundred things that you’re being told
what are the twenty that really matter all right that’s what I want to help you
just whittle down all right so that all these plans that you you want to be
motivating you want to fall through they’re just too ambitious or for what
you’re trying to do it doesn’t have to be that way
all right expectations your expectations they’re just not realistic
now look I admire your passion is how you want to put the amount of focus in
to your working out your health and finish but your expectations if you set
yourself up for failure failure at the beginning because you don’t know how it
all works can I have a real challenge because
you’re not gonna get closer and closer to the goals all right at a gentleman
he’s out six foot two and he’s 200 pounds and he looks great
he’s 63 years old and he wanted to get more defined abs all right at 200 pounds
so I you know I just wanted to know what his expectations were so I say so what
do you think you away and I know that that muscle that all plays in but give
me an estimate of how much you should weigh how much how many pounds do you
lose what he said is lose I want to get up to
210 I want to have abs and you build muscle and be 210 all right look I am
positive I want to help you get the results but those expectations aren’t
going to be a realistic how it works all right if you expect to lose too much
body fat too soon now you could be winning the game and feel that you’re
losing so it getting those expectations all in line are very very important
right the third thing that kills your motivation is that lack of certainty in
what you’re doing lack of confidence in what you’re doing
too much uncertainty that lack of confidence it’s gonna kill your
motivation all right do have faith and the strategies that you are using it’s
so important you got to know when you’re winning right you got to know what
you’re doing right and feel confident when I work with men one-on-one or they
go through my ultimate 12-week Fitness transformation journey I’m gonna tell
you a little bit about that by the time we are done together our time when you
look in the mirror I want you have that absolute certainty no matter what you
look like 20 pounds overweight you want to build muscle whatever it is that you
can look in the mirror with absolute certainty knowing you know
exactly what to do now it’s just a matter of doing it with your training
anything that uncertainty and that lack of confidence what you’re doing is going
to kill your motivation no matter how badly you want to get to the other side
and the fourth challenge that really kills older men’s motivation right it’s
that although they want to make Fitness higher party they haven’t at this point
there is usually some bigger issue in their life
uncertainty maybe with their business their marriage their children right
there’s other things that are going on that are more important and actually
budgeting in the fitness just isn’t working to override the things that are
most important to them the overall picture for like that is sometimes the
biggest challenge that older men face right so when I work with them the first
thing I do is I set up a goal setting session right so see how it all works
with a big picture of your life not just the fitness see because when you know
that’s for your healthier Fitness energy family you want to produce more want to
make more of an impact right and then you think about what you have to display
to others that passion that energy your physical appearance Fitness all works in
right but it’s never gonna replace feelings that you’re lost right
uncertainty a lack of that connection whatever it is Fitness will never
replace that but if you just address that head-on and then you work backwards
Fitness will totally complement totally complement all those different areas of
your life and that’s the big picture all right so those things are what I found
work with me and just like you all the time that’s all I deal with older men
successful busy productive lives older right who want to put
Fitness a priority that’s all I do is talk to men like you and I found those
are the four biggest challenge they’re getting way of your motivation when you
want to really put that effort forward to make Fitness a higher priority a
couple things number one is I once you go to skip liqueur that conference slash
2020 – OH – oh all right ask a question there all right fill out that
questionnaire I’m awarding a 90-minute goal-setting session you know I talked
about the big picture right the big picture right go to scripts corcomroe
house 20/20 fill out that question one lucky older man with a busy
productive life who watches me who follows these videos who wants to make
Fitness priority I’m gonna give you a 90 minute goal-setting strategy session to
get it all aligned in the big picture all right so I’m gonna you know I’ll
tell you if you fill that out I see you’re passionate I might give out more
all right I love doing this as you can see all right I love working with you
one-on-one absolutely free go to skip liqueur calm lunch last 20 20 – OH – if
you got that questionnaire I’m a text you I may call you send me a
picture I’ll get all the information and I’ll help you with Stratos again fill
that out with passion with energy show me how your desire I might I might award
more than one a week right I also want you to go to skip liqueur comment slash
transformation all right I’m coming up my ultimate fitness transformation that
is specifically designed for older men with busy productive eyes it’s the only
one of its kind just for men like you and me busy productive eyes in who are
older go to skip report calm front slash transformation read all about them
unveiling my age optimize system my age optimization system training system so
you have the structure and the certainty I diet nutrition eight one-on-one
coaching sessions we then we start now and then at the beginning of the year
where you go through a sprint with other men like you or a group coaching calls
it right so go to super core calm front slash transformation hey post your
comments your questions your suggestions tell me about these four challenges that
are killing your motivation when you’re a little bit older do they apply to you
do you want more information make sure that you you enter to win one of those
goal-setting and strategy sessions at Schiphol core calm front slash 2020 – OH
– all right hey it’s the struggle that makes you strong so keep on keeping on
expect the best from yourself today expect the best from your efforts expect
the best from other people they will get you it’s just a matter of time can they
not get you you are a force to be reckoned with
let’s live today with a sense of urgency we’re a little bit older we got more
time behind us and we do Infernus we have to take on the day with a sense of
urgency trained with a sense of urgency eat with a sense of urgency
love canet produce our legacy with that sense of urgency have a great day have
an outstanding day have an awesome day think big and think bigger than getting

2 thoughts on “The 4 Biggest Challenges That KILL Your Motivation To Work Out When You Are Older”

  1. I was the 13th thumbs up. I have no alternative if I am to reach my goal, I must not lose motivation. I have overcome some hurdles, and it seems that there is yet another, bigger than before. It is my own self doubt.

  2. Hello, hello, hello skip. I have seen a lot of your videos which are really great. I reviewed one of your videos that discussed how do I know when I am over training. I though at first I was just being lazy myself. I was getting a little depressed after all the work I have been putting into my workouts and then all of a sudden I was finding it very challenging to get motivated. It just suddenly happened. All of a sudden I could not lift the same weight I could the week before. But as it turns out I was over training the same muscles. I took your advise and just for a week took it easy and got some very much needed rest. I am 63 and just started down this journey lifting weights a year ago. Before this I was a runner. I have been lifting heavy 4-5 times a week. But for only 1 hour or so during my lunch hour. Still it took a long time before I was able to see some difference in my muscle growth, just seeing it now. I do not use a trainer, I watch others and learn. Hopefully I am observing those that are doing it correctly. I think your videos are are helping me more so. At least I am learning that it is not how much you lift necessarily, but more in making sure I am lifting correctly and making it count. I also hit the heavy bag in between as well. I took MMA for a while and make sure I keep that up whenever possible. I am an older guy so I have to be able to protect myself. Gaining more strength just adds to my skills of self defense. I give it all at the gym and I think younger people are sort of puzzled when they see me hitting the heavy bag and lifting so much weight for my age. So sometimes that is a motivation killer for me, but then others in the gym encourage me, not many but a few. I am hoping that I have enough rest now and I can get back in to my routine next week. But again I am listening to what my body tells me as I learned in your video on over training suggests. Thanks for all the time you take out for your viewers and details on how to0 train and stay motivated.

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