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  1. Unfortunately I am a Canadian Trish and Canada has been heading downhill definitely for the last three years but for a long time I watch President Trump when his election 2016 I see what he’s doing for your country awesome what an awesome guy I don’t even see a party in Canada that would do anything as awesome as your president and Canada has lotta resources and unemployment is going down all the time liberal socialist government I can’t believe Canada is like that I’m disgusted but looking at your country makes me envious and hopeful someone can turn our country around wish us luck

  2. Sorry unemployment is going up all the time more and more they want us to live off the government I guess I don’t understand it it doesn’t make sense Canada could be thriving what a sad world I live in

  3. In Australia if the economy is doing well the opposition party will admit it and work with them or say nothing. I America Trump is damned if he wins and damned lf he loses
    from the opposition ……………….sad

  4. We are the envy of the world once again. Financial prosperity on a level we’ve never had before with the stock market closing at record highs dozens of times and yet another record closing year. Thank God for President Trump.

  5. Trump is the strong man that this country needs, give the rich the Tax breaks, because the rich makes JOBS and I have never seen a poor make jobs


  7. Trump is on track to be the greatest leader in United States history. A man that can run a country and show progress still under all the backlash he has faced during his presidency the Democrats are helping show how great he really is. Imagine what he could done if he was left alone.

  8. And how exactly do people think Trump has helped the economy any more than he's helped the weather? Trump's tariffs have been a job killing disaster and one of the biggest tax hikes on the working and middle class in modern times. The only good thing Trump has done for the economy is increase government spending but Republicans will never admit that.

  9. Trish ? Sorry to have to disagree with you on one point….. " Democrats Hate Bussiness " …… Democrats, Liberals love anykind of bussiness weather it's legal or illegal so as long as they are the beneficiaries of that wealth and riches.

  10. Destroying someone with accusations without shreds of evidence needs harsh repercussions from authority. A very definition of the person has no moral conduct and a schmuck.

  11. Is it just me or is Trish one of the most gorgeous women on any medium? Also the most lovely voice on any medium, the government should use her for new mind control programs…. Yes , whatever you say Trish, I will do it 🙂

  12. Since President Donald Trump took office,
    the US has added over $2 trillion in new federal debt.

    The US national debt passed $22 trillion on February 11,
    the first time the federal debt had breached that threshold. The landmark came just over two years after President Donald Trump, who once promised to eliminate the federal debt in eight years,
    took over the Oval Office.

  13. "…defend and protect, against all enemies, foreign and domestic…" The democRATS have been, and are, the enemy of this country. They should be treated as such.

  14. 30 years ago, there were prosperous companies that were giving bonuses, pension plans and free healthcare to their workers. It can happen again with President Donald J Trump.


  16. Where is my f$cking wall? I was promised a wall, that’s why I hired you. That’s the only reason I hired you. Bait and switch

  17. @2:42 Just remember that NAFTA is not getting repealed or replaced. Under the USMCA NAFTA stays. Trump claims to be for direct diplomatic relations between nations, but what do we get? TPP light and stealth NAFTA. I know Trump is dealing with an educated class that can't imagine a world with out regional arrangements like NAFTA and other stupid super-state type plans, but that's where I hope we are going: FREEDOM! …in a free world. IMHO

  18. The longer Durham takes to begin making arrests the more time is given to the socialist Dem Global Cabal to connive, plan and try to knock off Trump. Durham should have made his first arrest by now to send a message that more is coming. WTF is he waiting for!!!?

  19. Ultimately we must see that "capitalism' in it's current state, also has a dirty, harmful, bitter side where we may never be free from it's enslaving results!

    It was not too long ago that Capitalism meant being a master of ruthlessness in a deeply competitive 'dog eat dog' world where 'taking out' the competition was what must take place if success was to be had.

    A ruthless attitude appeared to exceeded in importance if 'success' was what you desired., and along the way to that success, it was prudent that one must also leave a trail of lifeless conquests as evidence of just what happens to anyone who tries to take away from you what you have manged to take away from another.

    Capitalism, not too long ago, meant in order to win in life, SOMEONE MUST LOOSE! This idea has since been challenged in order to allow more LOVE to enter into commerce equation, but has never truly been purged from the concept of 'capitalism' and has always remained deeply hidden in a state of denial from not only others and the world, but from yourself as well.

    This ruthless attitude in our 'capitalist society' is today so clearly evident within the political cesspool of a drama that is emerging right before our eyes. Today, capitalism now gives 'lip service' to love but still in a hidden state, deeply scoffs at this love within the very depths of these deep unresolved denials.

  20. On the economy. I watched Obama on another video saying "how is he going to do that does he have a magic wand?" that statement told me his ideology doesn't have any answers to economic problems which is why all the socialist societies have crumbled. Trump being a businessman knew what to do. Trump used his head. Obama had his head so far up his azz he couldn't see the problem at all.

  21. F_ck Wall Street. Capitalism is for Capitalists (Bankers), the People want Free Trade, not Capitalism, not slavery as employment. We are not Human Resources, we are not Useless Eaters, we are the People.

  22. Ms. Make-up and foundation stop pushing this economic plan speech as if this administration had anything to do with it. This is President Obama groundwork which was laid out and forecast before he left office. Again taking credit for something that is no way connected to them. Americans know who true plan this was. You guys are just sickening with forecasting recognition in the wrong direction. It's a circus administration and God know you can not dress it up.

  23. It's hard to watch Trish Regan. She is so intelligent and, may I Tastefully say, She is Beautiful and Tantalizing when she speaks. She lures me into her point and I never feel duped. She's Right On!

  24. I don't matter what she said but I like her voice and her face sweet face suits to her voice . She speak like Mr jfk .

  25. Nonsense! The economy and Wall st are unrelated. All of those companies with vastly overrated stock are just the vehicle for out of control gambling. The average citizen cannot make ends meet. The real economy is grinding to a halt, perhaps a bit slower than the rest of the world but slowing just the same. It will take just one spooked major investor to panic sell and the whole country will collapse.

  26. TRUMP May God Bless him. Keep him USA, we in Australia are suffering China is taking over our country. Our leaders are controlled by u.n. and are useless. We never voted for u.n. who is a socialist globalisation.

  27. Another thing…
    Dont confuse the negative criticism directed at Trump coming from David Stockman and Peter Schiff as having the same genesis as the Left's vitriol. Far from it. They know this problem would only accelerate under Democrat rule. These guys are focused on economics. Peter gave a speech in 2006 that rolled out the coming recession like a ring side commentator watching a fight in real time.

  28. The Fed has $4.5 Trillion of bad debts still on it's books. It continues to buy bad debt rather than letting the portfolio expire because the economy is so fragile, they need to continually print money to keep it afloat. If Trump didn't pump another $1.5 Trillion of your grandchildren's money into the economy, we'd be in a recession now. I hope your kids appreciate you pissing away their future so you can have a car you can't afford and live in a house you can't afford.

  29. The Communist China GOV will NEVER abide by any agreements and commitments. To constrain communism by contract, only failure! One billion China people in less than 1 dollar a day in food, China claims to be powerful.

  30. This lady doesn't live in the same world most Americans are stuck with. Statistics are easily manipulated when you have a narrative to spin. She forgot to mention that inflation and poverty are also soaring. That's what happens when you stick yourself inside a fantasy bubble.

  31. 80% of Americans don't own stock, so the vast majority of Americans aren't benefiting from market growth. Job growth seems of little importance since the unemployment numbers are way down, right? We have more jobs available than people to fill them, yet we still blame immigrants for taking away jobs. Low wage jobs have seen a 5% increase in pay over the last year. So if you were making $10 an hour, you're now making a whopping $10.50 an hour. Seriously, what in the world are you all talking about? The only people benefiting from this economy are already rich.

  32. TRUMP does not care about the EVANGELICALS and ELDERLY He only cares about the RICH.

    You know why I say that,

    And yet Trump did not give them any COA but gave the RICH a huge tax
    break where a CEO enjoyed a $25-MILLION IN TAX BREAK.


  33. If you have a successful economy you are paying off debt, not borrowing more. In 2020 the US will borrow US$1.2 Trillion to add to the $23 trillion it already owes.

    Americans are kidding themselves.

  34. Stock market good for the 1%, underpaid jobs, where are the affordable homes???, good public schools? Workers are not benefiting from corporations tax cuts!!!!!!!

  35. Democrats are mentally unstable.They put on mock impeachment trial; and wanted everyone in our country to believe their trial was real. They also called on busybodies so-called experts to harassed our President, and his children character. President Donald J Trump was a business man before he became our President of United States. He has excellent business sense. We are interested in his business ideas, and not his taxes. Our President is a genius. He is a billionaire. He works for Zero paycheck. Thats why we voted for him. He sincerely went to Washington DC to work for us. He is not abrusing tax payers money like Democrats. Democrats were sending our money to other countries while Americans were jobless, hungry and homeless. Our President is calling out Democrats one by one and thats why they hate him. President Trump love our country. He kept his promises to us. He brings our country back from point of no return. We love you Mr. President. You are doing a great job. God bless you and your family. Proud to be an American. Women for President Trump.

  36. Our next agenda should be to end the FED because that's pretty much the reason why those on the left are incentivized to push these hairbrained schemes of "free everything" on the populous because they know that we can just simply print out endless amounts of fiat monopoly money and call it money. It'll ultimately incentivize a business to practice shady business practices because they know that in the end that they'll be bailed out because they're the too big to fails.

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