Trump voters feel they’re getting impeached too: RNC chair

Trump voters feel they’re getting impeached too: RNC chair

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  1. I will apologize for calling you democrats stupid! But you very well from the beginning even before Trump was elected! That Pelosi vowed to get Trump impeached! And everyone of those attempts turned out to be false allegation s! But still the democrats don't get it ! It goes right over your heads! Now which they have on the phone call that prove his innocence! Your party is steal and did impeach him! I'm sorry but you need to ask yourself is this the right party I should be in? I mean it dose not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out!

  2. Yeah cuz they are. Traitor rapist lying nazis can go to hell with trump and listen to his lies in a lake of fire with him. Cheers

  3. That sounds like a very good idea. If we could remove the dummies who voted for Trump, we could get back to working on intelligent problem solving.

  4. The democratic party laundered our tax dollars through Ukraine to get to Soros.

    Soros is now using OUR money to illegally fund the DNC. And the NWO

  5. I don't like the democrats trying to take my vote away and make it null and void. One of the last things my husband was able to do before cancer got him, was vote for Trump. His vote counts for something! His vote was not in vain!
    I stand behind President Trump and will vote for him again!
    GO TRUMP!!! TRUMP IN 2020!!! 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🏄🏿‍♀️

  6. Why would they? They aren't responsible for the president's actions. They aren't suffering for his mistakes, they just probably made the wrong decision at the time and it's okay. The majority of Americans are very dissatisfied with the job Trump has done.

  7. The communist left/democrats are America's biggest enemies. People have had decades to notice. If they don't catch on soon and see what kind of real threat that truly is there's no doubt this country will possibly see another civil war. In his next term Trump can slow them down for a few more decades. However, they need to be stopped altogether once and for all. For America's sake.

  8. She's doing there just like Obamacare you have to pass it before you know what's in it they want in Peach before anybody knows what's in it we're not stupid


  10. I had a Democrat at work bragging about the impeachment, but when he was informed that trump wasn't going anywhere, he started a tantrum yelling throwing things around, and was relieved of his duties, it was fuckin hilarious

  11. oooo, sweet! more "merry christmas", more liberal leftist screeching and tweeting. more of their delicious salty tears. yum. this is going to be a delicious salty very merry christmas.

  12. No …we do not feel impeached! We feel enraged, angry, betrayed by the politicians! We are Ready to apprehend the terrorists!

  13. …..i GOT it,

    they're going to keep spending money until America goes into a recession and then it will be like when Obuma did it and THEN!? they'll have a reason to hate him

  14. No, we don't. What we do feel is that every crime proven to be committed by the demorat players, has been blamed on OUR PRESIDENT!
    What we are feeling is ANGER that countless investigations (wasting millions of dollars of OUR MONEY) over the last 3 years have resulted in not only proving that President Trump has done nothing wrong , but has exposed the dirty deeds of the demorats and NONE OF THEM ARE WEARING HANDCUFFS AND ORANGE JUMPSUITS YET!

  15. She may be getting cold feet; but thee real problem is lack of circulation to her brain. If she is a "leader" in the demoncrat party they have insurmountable problems.

  16. The Democrats screwed themselves , America is sick of living with two parents that are always fighting , and they are going to vote for Trump – the cool Dad

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  18. Haff telling news he is not impeached until the Senate rules most news are afraid to lay all cards on the table Read em and weep Democrat

  19. I am so glad that Trump didn't win last time he ran. This time the Democrats have shown verbally what they are all about. We the People have awakened and with Trump America is back stronger than ever. We can now breathe more easily. Yes, we do feel that we have been impeached. So many of us understand that this impeachment process was illegal and we also understand what Trump was actually doing. It is scary knowing what the Democrats are trying to do.

  20. It is really funny of Democrats saying that Pediphile Biden is a threat lol. So Biden is a threat but not Hilary? Trump was not trying to get info about Biden when Trump was suprised that he even won. If he lost, it's still a victory to him and us Republicans don't want to be politicians if they have to cheat. That is the Dems thinking that lol because no other party would screw up our election system to win. It's the left crazies who can't deal with losing Trump wasn't even worried the night he got impeached. The first time an impeachment helped their party. That is a first so everythjng else is a bonus! When our party is honest they don't worry or change their stories to fit their needs. Our citizens are worth being truthful than made up scams. No one in any other party thinks stealing and lying to the American people is a win. Only the Dem party thinks that way lol

  21. We who voted for President Trump are NOT impeached just like our wonderful President. 2020 is just around the corner and we will see who is really impeached!

  22. Trump is still your PRESIDENT. MAGA country bro! USAUSAUSAUSA You can't stop our Trump Train hoooooohoooo, hoooohoooo

  23. "Harvard Professor- "Noah Feldman"- stated if "Articles Impeachment" is NOT submitted to Senate- PRESIDENT is NOT Impeached!!"

  24. They are, by the democratic majority who fights for the good in society not the republican planet destroying climate change deniers who only cares about money and the 1%

  25. It’s time for “Profiles in Courage” from the Republican Party!  Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona claims there are 35 Republican Senators who would vote for impeachment of Trump behind closed doors.  Former Communications Director Scaramucci and in addition a Independent Conservative Republican group (who are promoting by way of ads) named Bolton, Mulvaney, Pompeo, and Giuliani if they testify in the Senate, Trump would need to resign.  Republican loyalty and fear cannot take charge.  It’s time for Republicans to place country first over party!  Remember Republicans “Fear” is an acronym for “Face Everything And Rise”.  Don’t allow or permit the authoritarian, autocrat, demagogue, and oligarch bully Trump to intimidate you! Take Charge Republicans and act!

  26. 😂🤣😆😂🤣😆😂
    Poor snowflakes!

  27. Fundraising is a decent indicator of voter enthusiasm. People don't donate money and then forget to show up to vote. This bodes very badly for Democrats.

  28. Donald Trump: "Christianity Today is fake!"
    Trump's Supporters: "Christianity today is fake!"
    Careful what you preach there Donald. 😂😂😂
    Only non-hick, book loving, banana phana hilly bob billy, will understand this joke.

  29. So bill Clinton's above the law ?!
    So Hillary Clinton's above the law ?!
    So prince Andrew is above the law ?!
    So pelosi and Comey above the law ?!
    So brennan and Soros are above the law ?!
    So shiff and Ed buck are above the law ?!
    Must be nice..I wouldn't know I'm just an American.

  30. As Pres Trump said. "the left arent after me. they are after YOU. im just in thier way"
    WE THE PEOPLE got your back too Mr President…
    DEMOCRATS for unemployment 2020

  31. One of the grounds for impeachment is high crimes and described in the constitution, a high crime is one that can be done only by someone in a unique position of authority, which is political in character, who does things to circumvent justice. President Donald J. Trump is entitled to justice in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is using her unique position as Speaker of the House to circumvent justice by holding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate until she acquires a trial of her preference. She has violated her oath of office, committed this high crime as defined in the constitution, and by law must be impeached from office. Post and Re-post!!!!

  32. President Trump cares about the American people. He is still working for us, despite what the Democrats in the House are doing. Nancy Pelosi broke Constitutional rules and needs to be thrown out.

  33. Woa … Presidency is a full scam… 20 million USD laundry dollars. In small rags.. get more angry the more angry money .. go go go … USA people really love to get scammed, Preachers do it often…

  34. Drain that SWAMP!! Put those who trample on OUR Constitution and WE The People
    must be put in PRISON!! 😬

  35. The Dems and Repubs never wanted trump as president. He is a threat to their special interest and power over us. This whole impeachment is a way to make him do what they want and no matter who we vote in they will continue to run our country how they want

  36. Trump got myself Impeached. The Democrats did their job and it is not a hoax. Republicans treat their voters like they are stupid. Trump getting credit for President Obama's economy it only took 8 years for him to turns the economy around.

  37. Even Charles Manson has followers it doesn't make them right! It just makes them confused looks like more than 50% of Americans are confused, guess we're all doomed, LOL!

  38. Trump 2020. Nancy and her group of corrupt democrats are finished. We the smart voters shall not let’s corruption win. Trump is doing everything he promised regardless of all the haters.

  39. What does the word impeached means ?
    That did not happened and it will not..
    Clinton was impeached also and then he got the 2nd term…

  40. Better than TV I don't want to see it end and it won't ! Trump will win and the Dems will keep chasing him like cats following a fish wagon. What a bunch of silly people.

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