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  1. Если запрашивать пинкод по новой, тогда новый отправленный пароль булет отличаться от пароля высланного ранее?

  2. my address was incorrect and I have again requested for the new pin without noticing the error. But now as I have corrected the address information in adsense, what shall I do next?

  3. What if I have moved to another country? My account was created in the previous country, what should I do?

  4. I have requested a second pin but never got it s my first never got delivered too
    I live in Kuwait and not I got a notification that the ads will stop in my channel within a month
    What should I do!?

  5. Hi, my pin was sent to an old address. I have requested a new pin and pin not been sent to me yet. So I went to my old house to get my letter. After getting that letter I inputted the pin but it is not verifying. However, it has allowed me to put my payment details and I have verified my bank account. In the homepage it still says verify your billing address. Can you please help? My ad revenue on google adsense is different to that on youtube analytics page. I am new to this and putting a lot of hard work on my youtube channel so please help? Thanks

  6. Received the PIN. When I went through the verification process. It said "Something is wrong, Try again" I did once more and it says the same thing. I don't want to do it a third time because the ads will stop running. I sent a note to the "Feedback" box. What else should I do?

  7. hi, i have request pin but not arrived, is possible change name and address for receive a new pin? is possible this request ?

  8. Hello Google Adsense! I'm already waiting about 5 months for my pin…please read this message and fix it please!

  9. I've been waiting for a PIN for about 2 months, i've requested 3. Option to request one via email hasn't been given.. i'm pretty sure my adres doesn't include the numbers aswell? i require assistance.

  10. Hi. I raised an issue in the Adsense Feedback few days ago. How long does it normally take for the feedback to be replied? Thanx

  11. i cannot edit the country in address hence my ads are not rendering, how can i change the country in the address so i can receive the mail? i have triggered a PIN request for the second time it wont be enough to verify using another method. can you share how i can change the country?

  12. I had requested pin twice, and address is correct as it is in my NIC, i am from pakistan. Why it is not reaching to me?

  13. hello my name is war turkey 4 months pin code does not come, I requested 4 times, I did not get my pin code, address correctly, the code would be good to send a mobile phone, please waiting for help, what can I 4 months advertising stood at google YouTube help, please I am waiting

  14. Your ad units are not displaying ads because you've failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us.
    this is my adsense problem please help me

  15. pin not recevied . address is correct .three time genarate . pls help . iam somany time mail no reply

  16. My adsense account verification feature is not available. I had been looking at that feature everywhere for address verification. I also had almost $20 which is meaning I had been passed the limit. help, please :(((

  17. 😰😥😥😥😥😥Most recent PIN was generated

    19 Apr 2019

    PIN was sent to


    Trapeang Kdol,Trapeang Sala Khang Lech +85566223223

    Banteay Meas District, Kampot Province +85510933450

    phnom penh 07163


    Your PIN will be sent by post 3-5 days after the date listed above and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on the postal service.

    To verify your address, please enter your PIN as provided in the card sent to you by Google.

    Please note that if your PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times, ad serving will be suspended.

    Enter your PIN

    Submit PIN


    Your PIN is located here

  18. Hello, Can I ask i have 400$ in my google Adsense account but the problem is i can't see any Request For PIN, i can't request PIN because i couldn't Find It. Please Help me.

  19. I think there is some issue in receiving a PIN in UAE, I requested 3 times, but still, no PIN received. From where I can get any tracking number or reference number for the courier to check the PIN?

  20. My account has been show "Your ad units are not displaying ads because you've failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us." Please update this issue for your team

  21. Hello, I send 5 weeks ago request pin but my pin not received now what happen I don't understand. please help me anyone about this.

  22. Hi I have a question. I ve added my address correctly but my pin has not arrived after two attempts. what do i do

  23. I have already got verification of my CNIC(competerized national identity card) and provided address but no pin arrived in four months what should i do ? please help

  24. Things you have said here aren't the same for me on my account. Do you mind helping me out? I got the pin but I just can NOT find how to verify my address and this video isn't helping at all….

  25. Hi there.. i have applied my pin for 3 times but have not got my pin yet.. my 3rd pin was generated on 14 may219… there is a notification in my dashboard that adds will stop displaying.. so adsence gave me a form to upload id but when i try to open it it takes me to the pin trouble shooter and does not show the id upload option.. help plz

  26. Hi Google Adsense. How to know that you're already sending my PIN? Please let me know . Thanks 🙂

  27. How to fix and where to contact with the identity verification fail, showing "Your ad units are not displaying ads because you've failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us". Please help me.

  28. mine is already monitized and i think im going home to philippines for good…now here's my question..is my channel still be monitized when i cancel the goggle adsense and change for a new goggle adsense?

  29. Pin not received and one time before 1 months my passport upload .and my adsense open came massage see "Your ad units are not displaying ads because you've failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us.
    I don't know how to active .please help me i am qatar .my google adsense account balance 100+ but not payout how many time .came payout please tell me i am waiting

  30. How to change address before address nepal now qatar possible or not possible please tell me i am waiting

  31. Hi. My situation is very complicated. I live in Lugansk, Ukraine. But because of the military conflict, we have letters from Ukraine, do not arrive in Lugansk. What do you want me to do? (Perhaps the letters arrive, but they linger somewhere in the Ukraine) I Wait for Your answer

  32. Do need to pay any custom charges before receiving my PIN ?
    because a postman just called me and said that i have a parcel/mail from adsence and you have to pay 2500rs to withdraw this parcel.
    Please somebody reply fast.

  33. hello. I have requested my pin many times and currently I cannot receive my pin and try it for 5 months already. so please look for another way Get the pin code quickly and earliest. as if verified by other identification papers. I sincerely thank you.

  34. i requested PIN twice Last time it said pin sent out 5/17/18 Never received it I did not include suite or apt number nor did i include my phone number Does that have anything to do with it? Does my videos have to be running ads or monetized in order to receive my pin ? My monetization was dropped last year when they revised the subscriber threshold Is that another reason whey i never got my pin?

  35. UGH, PIN sent doesn't work and you don't bother to answer when sent info regarding that. Unable to verify

  36. Mine has never arrived. I have my address in the US, my pin was requested 3 times, and none of them came, but it's still claiming it's delivered. Please actually help.

  37. Hi google adsene i applied verification pin two times i didn't get my pin and i live in sweden which is good postal country

  38. hi guyz did google adsense reply to anyone of you, same thing happened to me, i've requested my pin 3 times but until now i haven't recieve my pin, please google adsense help me..

  39. Hello. Can you help me with 2 questions please. 1/My estimated revenue is decreasing a few times. 2/ my "Earning" recorded in Google AdSense says a different number ($59.42/month) when it shows a much higher number in Youtube Studio dashboard. Can you help explain these issues please? Thanks

  40. Ankita Padmakar joshi

    Dear Google i have reached 3 time attempt on identity verification process , i couldn't verify my address

    I request you please verify my identity & start ad serving on my website CD99. In

  41. Can I used a P. O. Box for my pin? I generate the pin more than three times but it never reached me. Mail got lost or something.. Can I use my P. O. BOX for the pin delivery? Or is there any other ways to verified the information?

  42. Thank you so much Google AdSense, I have changed my address so I made a NEW PIN Request i hope in 4weeks it will arrive in my new address.

  43. Hello I Not Received My PIN But My Address Is Correct .I Also Show My National Identity Card plzzz Help Me

  44. I haven't receive the Pin that you sent. I requested a new one. And still waiting. Is there any other way to get PIN? Like for example we're going to send you photos of our valid id's.

  45. Diakun AdSense saya tertulis akun tidak menampilkan iklan karena anda belum memverifikasi alamat. Ada opsi aksi dan pelajari lebih lanjut , sewaktu diklik aksi masuk ke pembayaran dan tidak bisa diapa-apakan, diklik pelajari lebih lanjut , laman eror dan tidak tersedia. Mohon bantuan Google AdSense fix it plz. Ty

  46. can I add Other Country Bank Account.

    my adsense account open on india and I put bank account USA.

  47. İt's probably already 3 months and although we applied, the PIN has not yet arrived. At the place of application you will simply write your application. Please help us with this.

  48. Hi, I am waiting for my PIN to arrive but then checked my address is wrong. I updated it now, do I need to request another PIN for this updated address?

  49. is there a tracking number for the pins you are sending me? plus, i requested 3 times and haven't received any pin, and the address on my id cards are old and different from the address of the place i live in now, what am i supposed to do now?

  50. Why don't you just give us the option for sending a official identity document via email instead of requesting and having to wait for a PIN? It would speed up the process a LOT and there wouldn't be any problems with the PIN not reaching your address, pretty sure most people out there would prefer that

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