100 thoughts on “Union popularity decaying: report”

  1. Not surprising. My father was in the Union and would come home and was ashamed at what they would do. We would have pretty wild parties at our home growing up and I swear they would come over and was like the mob. Gold chains, Cadillacs lining the street. You could just tell that it was shady.

  2. Oh because being at the mercy of your psychopathic boss who would let his workers die just to make a dollar is so much better. Unions are democratic, unlike corporations, just vote them out.

  3. I just retired from a north east US large company, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They never would have given us the offer if we weren’t part of the union, 30 years 8 strikes over 4 months on the street to protect our benefits. Well worth the weekly dues…

  4. Unions used to be for protecting the worker from wealthy men who abused their workers. Now they are all but puppets for said wealthy men.

  5. Unions are out of date my Father was in a Union they went on strike for a month they would have been better off to take the deal the company offered first because it never got better after that one of the last things my Father told me was never join a Union

  6. Unions are responsible for your quality of life. If you don't support them history will repeat its self and you/we will suffer.

  7. I am in a union, it sucks, they talk about ‘safety’ I reported my job to OSHA, it resulted in the “biggest single citation from a complaint their office has ever issued”. Our union shop, it’s the first time I have ever broken a bone at work, I broke my shoulder this last year because we had no lighting in my work area and they fire people who stop work. They contract says “no work stoppages”. We have a class action lawsuit because our contract doesn’t meet minimum state guidelines for break and lunch periods. The company owes me $36,000+ for missed breaks and lunches. The union isn’t arbitrating or doing anything for the members so far. It’s been almost 2 years. Most of the sentiment on the shop floor is they are just stealing our money. Our last contract we successfully got enough signatures to oust the union but the COMPANY put out a campaign to convince people to stay with the union. You know why?!? Because of things like OSHA, if you have a union safety committee you are exempt from regular inspections, you can’t sue them directly without first going through the grievance procedure so if they screw you, the company can usually just buy off the union to not pursue the matter. It’s a joke! We have people getting cancer left and right because of chromium contamination and uncontained silica dust. We have had multiple suicides in the last 7 years I’ve worked there, bosses come out and literally put their hands on people, they screw with people like they did me, after I called OSHA the bosses sat me down with my steward who is also a supervisor and took all work away from me and put me on ‘painting duty’ sitting on a small stool with a small brush down a main aisle in the plant so everyone could see what they do with people who raise safety concerns. The UNION let it go on for 4 months, I filed a claim with OSHA whistleblower complaint line and 3 days after the company received the complaint I was put back to regular duties. What I leave in the toilet in the morning is more useful than our union. You know it’s bad when the COMPANY wants you to keep the union!

  8. There are a lot of union workers that vote Republican but stay silent because they don't want to be out of a job to an illegal alien, the Democrats do care about American union workers.

  9. Unions are slowly pricing themselves out of the workplace. The worst however are Public Sector Unions. They have more clout than pretty well any private union.

  10. Decaying?..During Reagan it was 35% of the work force..Now They represent less than 11% and most of these Unions are Public Sector ,Govt ….I think the number of Private Sector Union workers is under 3.5%….

  11. Gary Jones is just one of 12 UAW officials under investigation by the New FBI. Matthew Schneider is who you should have on your show Charles. He's leading the investigation, but he feels the UAW is, at the very least, being uncooperative. Give him a call FOX.

  12. The union leaders are nothing but Crooks just like the Democrats they are in bed together they want power and control my goodness union workers can't you see this

  13. Me and my fellow Union brothers elected Trump in 2016 and we will get Trump elected again in 2020!! Blue collar union workers like myself love Trump!! Dont listen to Fox news! God Bless America and God bless Trump!! 🇺🇸

  14. I called an Union Hall for help (when I was laid off) and the dude treated me like crap! The worst part was I was a Union Member and all I was told was that they, "aren't the Unemployment Office".

  15. We did get good benefits but we had to go through a strike, we did give up salary increases but the benefits are really good since I retired.

  16. These people have no right to demand more from the consumer's which it inevitably falls upon. If you dont think its rigged try and get one of these jobs

  17. Isn't it strange that Millennial's are embracing the thought of Socialism … yet … not going for Trade Unions, which really is Socialist? (not to mention ran by the Mob)

  18. We need more unions in every sector we deserve a heck of a lot more no more billion dollar give it to the workers good pay and benefits the ones that billionaires join unions

  19. Union are All Corrupt and selling out its members every new contract they get raise and than they take it back on medical and more tax unions are a scam now

  20. Unions protect the lazy while the go getters who break their balls get paid the same amount. Total scam. They get you a 10 cent an hour raise after being on strike for a month then raise the dues $10 a week. Good luck with your all precious unions .

  21. There is a difference between unions decaying and not being able to unionized because you will be fired for even mentioning it because you your job says so.

    Looking at you Amazon and Walmart ect…

  22. The fall of public unions has been ongoing for decades, but I think they REALLY fell apart with the PATCO strike that Reagan broke.

  23. 30 years a union worker I can tell you the corruption and thievery that exists are on a grand scale all at the expense of workers and government contracts.
    They should convict every official associated with U.A.W from top to bottom.

  24. I don't like unions supporting lbgtq and other crap liberal ideas. They need to stick to jobs–wages, benefits, pensions, stopping job shipping and bad trade deals, etc. As union participation had declined over the last 50 years so has the American standard of living. Unions are the only countervailing force to unbridled corporate power. One man cannot fight a corporation.
    Stick with jobs–unions.

  25. There is one great thing that unions do
    They are capable of getting many workers together to get the biggest of jobs done
    The non union side cant
    But one down fall
    the unions do put the small businesses out of business

  26. I wasted 9 years if my life working for 106 union painter tapers insurance gone annuity $500 a yr disappeares so they can play stocks and bonds with MY $ I'm stopping before I start swaring in all caps please vote less government

  27. A lot of unions suck and they have gang stalker terrorist trash hitting people with dews and v2k weapons to keep the masses scared of leaving them. Google psycho electronic weapon effects

  28. The only way a union could stand for what the Democrats are doing is because they have sold out the members. Investigate that somebody because they have in fact sold them out. When you have global elite billionaires contributing to the democratic party and employ union members,but are in fact anti union then its because of corruption that the union remains with the democratic party

  29. And as well over 200 plus union remembers I work with are in fact republican all but 1 but he likes guns and hunting so we dont know what the hell he is thinking.

  30. Unions exist to enrich union leaders and feed Democrats thug labor choked out the economy in my town and crippled several businesses they need to go away

  31. This has been going on FOREVER. Back in the 90’s, I handled auto claims for a local. The cars they drove? Jag’s, top line bmw’s and the top guys all drove Bentley’s. Do union dues payers have any idea where their money goes? Oh, and I can tell you the top line, most expensive restaurants they ate at because some of the autos were damaged while parked in those parking lots. I swore then that I would NEVER pay dues to any union and I never have.

  32. Unions don't help anyone anymore. They are a money grabbing middleman. They are worse than the gov't in their taxing of wages.

  33. Unions used to be THE LEFT OF THE POLITICAL SCENE , now they're replaced by loonies and snowflakes, unions got in bed with the socialist and have lost their purpose of defending working people and they're wondering why they've lost standing and members… just like all unions in other parts of the world they're on borrowed time as the soap box they shout from is caving-in under the weight of corruption and disconnect from reality.

  34. AT one time, the unions were good. Today, they are dinosaurs and left wing kooks who put union first and America last.

  35. I worked at United Airlines with the IAM for a few years before I found a MUCH BETTER paying job. I refused to participate in the union. I had some rare and valuable skills that most machinists don't possess. I was always one of the hardest workers, worked 'bell to bell' and had among the best performance stats while performing one of the most difficult tasks. That was my leverage. I made myself nearly unreplaceable! Most workers in this union tried to do the bare minimum. Think about this next time you fly United!
    After I quit, it took them 3 years to find a suitable, reliable replacement and train them into this particular task.
    I was what is known as a conscientious objector. Most of my fellow workers were great and supportive, but had no courage to stand up. A few 'Union activists' tried to pick fights or harassed me. I had to check my bag every day before walking through the metal detector to avoid being fired for theft.
    My union steward,
    (a really cool German guy) advised me to not allow auto deduction of dues from my paycheck. I told the union to send me bills. I ignored the dues bills until my job was threatened. I paid 2 dues payments in the nearly 3 years I worked there. $80 out of the $1400 I was billed!
    We were not allowed to discuss politics on the job, according to rules agreed upon by United and the IAM. Yet, EVERY election cycle, the Union would hold meetings and DEMOCRATIC rallies, (during PAID WORKING HRS!) for how to vote for "Your best interest". The corruption was blatant! The union 'boss' would show up in his Cadillac limousine, wearing a $2000 suit and smoking big fat cigars. I went to only one Rally out of curiosity. After that I remained at the job, working hard, alone except for United management. ALONE in a building where 7000 people worked!!

  36. There was a time and a place
    They aren’t needed any longer
    They are destroying towns and cities
    It’s time for them to know what the private sector is dealing with

    Besides it’s funny how the teachers and cops want the union wage and yet don’t support their fellow union workers and buy American cars

  37. Teacher union is another scumbag. They don’t teach our kids. All they care is their salary and pension. When can we fire bad teachers? It’s affecting our kids and their future,

  38. Unions are the ONLY thing that has kept USA from turning into a 3rd world country… We just have to do better jobs of weeding out corrupt, lazy turds at some of the high levels. Power and prestige corrupts in all facets of life. All occupations and areas. Politics, Tech, Business, wall Street, and even Education… But don't start trashing labor unions when so many are beginning to finally vote Conservative. W/o Union jobs there is nothing else for normal , blue-collar, people… Everything else is media, tech, retail, and fast-food. That's it. That can't sustain a middle-class.

  39. WHAT A BUNCH OF PANSIES…unions are bad because i m not in one. sux to be you.. $43hour , love my union job. …TRUMP 2020!!!

  40. I was a member of a union and worked harder and was more talented than many of my co-workers.
    Afer working there may years, I went in and asked for a raise and was told that bec. I was a member of a union I already got the union raise – there were no merit raises!
    So I got the pittance common denominator raise even though I felt i deserved more!

  41. One thing I can say about some of the Union's is the skilled trade unions like the pipefitters electricians tin knockers HVAC mechanics you don't work you don't get paid you don't get paid vacations you don't get paid sick days you don't work nothing goes to your pension plain and simple you don't work you get nothing you have to show up and work and if you show up and don't work they will just get rid of you not all unions are corrupt

  42. Ask any cop or teacher about unions. They make too much and have retirement that they hate. Who is looking out for the CEOs?

  43. The union I used to work under went to Florida from Minnesota for a big (union meeting). Two months after they got back we found out they never even went to the (meeting) just sat on the Beach suntanned and had drinks. So yeah this is no surprise. They will tell you what they are watching out for you and working for you but all they care about is filling their own pockets.

  44. It's not Union workers that are bad it's the leadership that buys political favours. We need term limits on all Congress and campaign donation limits on unions and other big organizations.

  45. UAW a joke, teachers, a joke, and the rest? All a joke. Its sad for what they are truly to mean, and in the end, like everything it's corrupt from top to bottom.

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