100 thoughts on “US flies spy planes over Korean peninsula: Report”

  1. If we just make an example of North Korea the rest of the world will never raise arms against us again, I guess everyone’s forgotten about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you can only poke a sleeping giant so much before he wakes up and swats you.

  2. This has been resolved… (finally)
    Krispy Kreme has agreed to hire Kim…
    …to "star" in their donut commercials!
    But he WILL be required to do a cartwheel!

  3. Remember Baghdadi? He didn’t tell anyone about that, why would the media know about this? EXPAND YOUR MIND. Stop thinking so small…

  4. Gee, I don't care what good things might be happening to the North Korean people … I'm more concerned that President Trump used the term "Rocket Man." What a leftist-agenda driven reporter… just another example of the cold-hearted left. Repent of your sins… that's what Jesus said.

  5. The fake news that's yous all are need to stay out of Trump business. Find something else to do. The news media is destroyed the USA with the dem rats for 4 years now. Do the us citizens a favor unplug and turn off your fake news.

  6. Why is the US trying to milk S Korea of $5B instead of working with them on developing an interim plan to disarm N Korea?


  8. NK should be punished with more sanctions for making such threats. A clear message should be sent to Fat Boy that dire consequences await him if he tries anything foolish.

  9. Trump should give the Do Nothing Party to Kim for a christmas present. See how well they hold up in north korea. Do everyone in the united states a favor.

  10. Pack old air force 2 with the congressional dems and divert it to north korea. Tell them they are going to a parry in south korea but at last moment land it in north korea and tell kim he can have air force 2 just to take care of the do nothing party for us.

  11. Oh gawd, is this what they are trying to pass for news nowadays? We fly spy planes over North Korea constantly, and have done so for many years. Who bloody cares?

  12. Keep it up lil Kim. Enjoy breathing while you still can while u have your puppet master China allow it. NK can’t win. Ps send Joy Behar there, she’s hurting our brains in America.

  13. Who is this big mouthed woman asking questions ? Just the tone she holds sounds like she's still angry President Trump won in 2016.

  14. All old opinions that can't wrap their brains around new tactics… will something different work? Maybe not, but we've been doing the same thing for 70 years, why not try something else? It's not like we don't have a diplomatic safety net.

  15. Why is it news reporters ask ppl questions on how a 3rd person thinks feels or believes. No different than the impeachment sham

  16. If Trump thinks Turkey is working to STOP carnage, then he's totally misinformed.
    How the HELL does he even believe that?

  17. Whatahell where is my chritmas present 🎁 fatboy? Better off pass hungery bags to your people and stop eating you fat fu🚀💆😊🥶

  18. Do the usa wona be nuked flying in others air space. Might just do it . Thay have more subs than the usa. Could you just see a 150 foot wave over a usa city. Omg usa stop pushing

  19. Play Jepardy theme song on news with, N. Korea, Iran, Russia, China, NOBODY on that end can make a right decision. Even after all these years.

  20. Is it really spying if ur telling everyone your spying on them…. I wouldn't even say im going to spy on you if i had to spy on u

  21. TF is the point of sending "spy planes" over a dangerous country if your just going to blast it all over the internet and television????? Fox news should be tried for treason. Listen to all these uneducated opinions, "I think this" or "I think that". If you don't know get the f*ck offf!!!!!

  22. I am not the English man, but allow me to correct the English of the anchors
    The anchors should say monitoring not spying

  23. Israel is the New World Order and there is no America.  Those in power are agents of a foriegn nation. They are treasonous traders working for the chosen ones. Most Americans are very easy to manipulate and easy to control their thoughts. It is a sad day for our country when we hand them the key. Might as well fold our flag and break out the Star of David.

  24. Just more Hot Air from Fat Boy Rocket Man 🚀 , Very unfortunate he can’t feed his own people , but he can build missiles ……

  25. Christmas is over lol….can only imagine that fake impeachment was the gift… So Democrats are working with North Korea

  26. Oh that’s great have a brawl on with a red day I’m draws some guy with the accent from hell trying to do a serious news thing is this a joke is America joke

  27. We fly our aircraft over every nation in the world and there is nothing anyone can do about it ! America is is only super power in the world , so North Korea will have to do what we want eventually one way or the other !

  28. I don't like non can do Americans.. Ie..NOT Raised and learned the American learned heritage from PARENTS OF American learned heritage…

  29. A. He is not getting rid of his nuclear weapons! B. Washington DC just about became a big hole in the ground! C. Wake up! Being the world's bully don't work anymore for the United States! We are talking about stealing oil from Assad in Syria and support Israel to steal Palestinian land! Just think about it for one moment, what would the United States do if someone was stealing oil out of Texas and American land? That's right and that is what's going to happen to the United States! 🇨🇦😊. The United States is the richest nation on this earth and all the Americans can do is steal what does not belong to them! What a shame!

  30. I wouldn't take him seriously. He won't do anything. I've spoken with him a few times. He enjoys history and geography and actually has a sense of humor. I wouldn't worry at all about what he says. He isn't a threat to us. He just wants his sanctions dropped. Sincerely Jane a member of the government of Canada 🍁

  31. We just had a Russian spy plane land at our military airport in Missouri and refuel here for surveillance of our country and military bases including Area 51and we also have a Russian boat trolling our Coast for surveillance of our country and military bases including Submarine bases and if that doesn't make your hair stand up then nothing will ever

  32. Why would Trump let people know what our military is doing? What a piece of work this fake president is destroying America one tweet at a time and must be removed asap even if it takes 15 flushes

  33. With all this extra funding from Trump they might make Afghanistan as successful as the Vietnam War and stop America from being invaded by the Confederates again. TRUMP 2020

  34. People in the comments you act like they don’t know we are watching them that’s why they don’t do anything they know we are watching them?????

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