Veteran SDNY Prosecutor Talks Rudy And Prosecuting Real-Life Gangsters | MSNBC

Veteran SDNY Prosecutor Talks Rudy And Prosecuting Real-Life Gangsters | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Veteran SDNY Prosecutor Talks Rudy And Prosecuting Real-Life Gangsters | MSNBC”

  1. The DOJ's Southern District of New York office is the nations most corrupt DOJ unit. They are entirely political and biased liberals who unjustly go after conservatives.

    The Southern District of New York DOJ office needs to be either shut down or everyone fired and start over with honest people.

  2. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — Not one mention of corrupt AG Barr, yet we're led to believe by MSNBC the DOJ is just fine? And we wonder why the public isn't properly informed, support for Trump still strong?

  3. * * * Laugh and Giggle at the failed" 🐷 Trump 🐼 Shuttle / Trump's "sad , crooked, terrible" airline debacle via YouTube. He has repeatedly screwed many American citizens with his dreadful, conniving Trump University scam as well as his SIX bankruptcies. The bankrupt loser pilfers and steals everything possible on his way out. American consumers must contribute their hard earned money as a result, since banks and the other victims of bankruptcy must pass the resulting costs on to the consumer in order to cover their losses.
    MOVE OVER Charles Ponzi, John DeLorean, Bernie Madoff, & Martin Shkreli, ect. because Donny Trumputinixon has perfected "The Art Of" being a butte-ugly criminal maggot.
    "What a moroone," to quote Bugs Bunny.
    Oi vey !
    You have to see this !
    Impeach Trump at:
    We MUST do this for our children.
    From: Dr. Earl Gray
    A very disillusioned Republican Methodist in Western Pennsylvania.

  4. This is a great American who followed the evidence to where it led. An interview with Rudy Giuliani would have the same impact. The only difference is Rudy is still following the evidence and this network is part of a smear campaign because they do like where the evidence is leading.

  5. We the law abiding public have absolutely no confidence in the courts or the law. The police fill their ranks with neo-Nazi white supremacist, bought & paid for judges. This allows the white collar criminals to get less jail time & a kid with a bag of weed to languish in jail for years. Really trust worthy.

  6. You've got to wonder if Giuliani was able to do what he is credited with – those things that led to some calling him 'america's mayor'. What back room deals and cheater shenanigans did he take part in. Giuliani is rotten to the core and has been forever.

  7. Re: Jimmy Hoffa – The movie "Finding Steve McQueen" told the true story of $30 Million in illegal campaign money stolen from Nixon, and allegedly was orchestrated by Jimmy Hoffa… perhaps Hoffa was eliminated by Nixon?

  8. News you won’t hear on MSNBC.
    Court Filing: Hunter Biden earned $156M from Ukraine corruption.
    Hunter Biden is facing new accusations of money laundering from Ukraine in the ongoing court case against an alleged mother of his child.

  9. always a good idea to put more faith into a justice system that's 100% designed to result an unjust society- reasons America is not great and never will be great

  10. The Supreme Court Justice who is to act as the Judge of this impeachment trial should disqualify any Senator who has proclaimed that they will be prejudiced and biased! No trial has ever been held where this many Jurors were prejudice & biases! So much for a Country of LAW & ORDER!!!

  11. Trump got away with crime so long he didnt think this would happen. Put him away for life when he was. Born his birth certificate should have read father😈fathers name trumps babys name little 👿 an whom ever is born after us👿👹😈👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  12. Here's the ten commandments of mobsters recently laid out by former Mafia kingpin Bernardo Provenzano. How many has Trump broken? When the People are done with him Trump's gonna need protection….
    1. No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

    2. Never look at the wives of friends.

    3. Never be seen with cops.

    4. Don't go to pubs and clubs.

    5. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty – even if your wife's about to give birth.

    6. Appointments must absolutely be respected.

    7. Wives must be treated with respect.

    8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.

    9. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families.

    10. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values.

    answers on a post card….

  13. White collar crime is so romanticized by the elite fux. Hollywood (weird) manufacturing consent on the industrial scale. ShakeUp!

  14. The Modern Day Mob: Our American President, Don the Con Trump, Trump’s republican politician cronies, Giuliani, ample Russians including Putin, and certainly those still hidden in the dark characters along w those unfortunates that’ve been blackmailed and threatened as well as the ones who are simply trying to hold onto their political/Big <Fill in the Blank> power and influence.

  15. Well-paid apologists for the Mercantile Corporate Plutocracy, the foundation of the United States government, are self-serving.

  16. Turn the forensic accountants loose on Trump and all his associates, including those in the Senate. Once the Trump syndicate is taken down, keep the accountants in place to run checks on all government officials from here on out.

  17. I would like to see Mr Fisk waiting for Donald Trump when he’s finally removed from office. Seeing him compared to the traitors running the country today, reminds me of the Kennedy’s and other great patriots from a time long gone.

  18. “I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine because I want to win. And I’m not happy if I’m not winning. I’m a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”
    Donald J. Trump, in an interview with Chris Cuomo in 2015

  19. Lmao he dodged those Hoffa questions like Neo in the first Matrix. EVERYONE knows what happened to Hoffa yet "NO ONE" knows,

  20. When the Russians hacked the DNC server back in 2016, they also hacked the Republican server & found emails, call logs, and phone records containing GOP corruption! THIS is why GOP is now jumping on their Political Swords in defence of Trump..because if the Truth gets out, it’s going to be far worse for them, than their own Political Deaths…and they know it! 🤷‍♂️

  21. I have a landmark human trafficking case which will tell you that you should not have any faith in the system. Every federal agency has failed to uphold the law and no one cares about the survivor.

  22. Michael Cohen said it best "everything and everyone Donald Trump touches goes black because the cost of having him do you a favor or help you is your soul, your character and your moral compass. I think that's what happened to Mr Giuliani and he's gone too far to stop or turn back now.

  23. I’m a Marine, and I feel compelled to state this fact: if I was on active duty, I’d have a serious conflict with following the orders of my CinC. Capricious, Medici-like orders come down and you’re like, “What?” Nope. Any Responsible Adult 2020!

  24. This egregious stain on American history that the Trump “administration” represents cannot be erased. The damage he has done to The Office of The American Presidency will only become calculable over time. And so, our most important goal here is to ensure that this openly criminal charade of a “presidency” is not repeated. Please be sure to register, and for all our sakes, please, please vote!

  25. If Trump is lucky he'll die of natural causes while in office. If he's unlucky he will die of natural causes in Federal or State prison. It's possible he will live his life out in foreign exile though.

  26. While I don't doubt the integrity of most federal prosecutors, Bob Barr is an open fascist who cares nothing for the rule of law where it conflicts with his twisted ideals. He can't be the only one. While I don't doubt that most Federal prosecutors are doing the right thing will they have the back bone to withstand the onslaught of Trump and Barr. Look at Rosenstein. He folded. He was a learned man of high ability who did not have the life experience to deal with Trump. Look at the entire Republican party caving to the corrupt will of Trump. Aiding and abetting his treasons, his lies, his disinformation that only helps America's enemies. Thank God for Pelosi. She's one of the few I've seen with the life experience and the stones to counter this evil. Everyone else seems to cave in and quail in terror. Keeping your integrity can require losing your job. Keeping your job can require loosing your integrity. Keeping your integrity can require loosing everything.

  27. A Lot of the comments On all the Fake New channels are from there democrat employees who just started a Fake Profile.. Thats show you that the Democratic party is Desperate

  28. Giuliani needs to be careful that he will not be snuffed by organized crime, which Trump is known to have a close relationship with. Epstein is a good example of this.

  29. If Trump loses next year he will be indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted for his Ukraine kick-back scheme. What I want to know is when will Mulvaney, Pompao, Perry, and the others complicit in it be indicted? That begs the question…..Like the rest of us in this country, Barr knows that crime was committed. Is the FBI investigating it?

  30. Why does MSNBC only cover the crimes of traitor Trump's administration and his criminal party. Corporate Democrats, including Pelosi, take huge legalized bribes.
    WHERE IS BERNIE OR WARREN WHO HAVE POLICIES TO END THE CRIMES? MSNBC does not want the crimes to end because they are good for ratings.

  31. Justice will eventually catch up to all these alt-Right Mafia capitalist brown shirts. The question is how much damage they do to the republic before it happens.

  32. This man is full off you know what, he is one of those who will say innocent people have not been put to death,his job is to protect his people

  33. Since Trump LOVES the Saudi's form of punishment why not consider CUTTING OUT his TONGUE FOR OVER 3,000 LIES IN OFFICE & CHOPPING OFF his HANDS elbows down for NONSTOP THIEVING with his SNEAKING Secretaries of WE THE PEOPLES TAXES & TREASURES. HINT: get out before it's your ENTIRE FAMILY!!

  34. Good gawd!
    NY prosecutor?! So, how many stop & frisk marijuana convictions? Who was prosecuted for Diallo? For that matter, which President for the last one hundred years wasn’t previously or after elected some form of gangster. This country, like so many others, is a crime scene. And for the most part, crime goes unpunished. What a joke. Trying to convince the masses that “truth will out”. If only.

  35. Muller said that Trump lied under oath in his written answers, why is this not pushed harder, Clinton was impeached just for lieing.

  36. I guess the Republican Senators have forgot that they work for the nation and ALL it's citizens not their base and the Republican president!!!!

  37. Trump is providing cover for the Republican Party that are hurting the average American Citizen with CUTS to programs that are helping the poor and older American!!!!

  38. Bob Fiske is a hero to all American's who love their country and honesty. Crime does not pay it never has and never will! Whenever we steal anything we already feel guilty for doing it and even when we think we get away with it we are not thinking things through as in someday this will happen to me when I get old and or my family. If you don't make up lies and or make a career out of stealing you don't have to have a good memory and don't have to always be looking over your back to see who's catching up with you!

  39. To speak ill of the world needs courage, fortunately or unfortunately Everybody has that courage.
    To love the world as one's own, very own, needs courage, unfortunately most of us are wanting in that courage.
    The courage of the heart, the courage of the soul we badly need. And not the courage of the unruly, aggressive, impure, demanding vital.

  40. et erictrump inside instagram eric.f en dessous de son nom ses quoi oups ses vrai javais deja dit quil utilisait mon nom

  41. In response to the comment below this one right now… Sorry, no one TRUMPS Trump is what you should have said. Let's see what you say six months from now.

  42. If the SDNY is ALWAYS apolitical like this man says… then you should be just as praiseworthy of Rudy Giuliani, as you are of this man, right ? Rudy locked up gangsters too …

  43. Trump does love to surround himself with career criminals and a lot of them also just so happen to be Russian. I wonder why Trump loves criminals so much? Normal people don't know any convicted criminals or if they do, it's only one, which is because good, honest people try to surround themselves with other good and honest people. On the other hand, everyone who works for Trump, either ends up in prison or has their reputation destroyed. The only constant is Trump.

  44. May God bless you Mr. Guliani and I am Polish American from Virginia. You did all by the book and all legal. I do not know You in Person but I know about you since 1988. My early days in the Great USA, Greenwich CT.

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