99 thoughts on “WATCH: Drone delivery service in action ahead of the holiday season”



  2. It's not people taking other people's jobs its machines. The wave of the future there is no such thing called a "secure job/career/profession." The truth hurts…

  3. You don't need illegals when you have robots. Good luck to all who don't have a skill or trade. See what happens when you demand a higher wage? You get replaced….

  4. "…We have reached a point at which a continued, backward-looking obsession with Watergate is causing this Nation to neglect matters of far greater importance to all of the American people." -Richard Nixon

  5. Vtol fixed wing genius, ive built rc for years and never considered doing this.. yeah maybe it is crazy lol

    And about the flight time, see those two fuselages? They could store enough lipo batteries for a few hours of flight, the comment about 20 minutes is rubbish, I had a $50 syma x8c that would fly over 25 min with a slightly bigger pack… that's just a cheap toy too..

  6. It’s called progress people. Get over it. Advancements move forward without your involvement or approval. It’s how the world works.

  7. If they could increase the range it could be positive for the elderly, disabled and infirm. And yes there are always problems and risks but many in more rural areas have difficulty getting their medications.

  8. Wait till Grand dad see that thing over their house. As I see 12ga being used on it…Screw with my Chickens laying eggs. I'll teach you….

  9. Drone delivery is an impossibility right now. The current GPS Network that's available can be off as much as half a mile. Unless and until we get an upgraded GPS Network, similar to the one the Pentagon uses which is accurate to the millimeter, drone delivery is nothing more than a pipe dream.

  10. Sounds like a great idea … until these things start falling outa the air for whatever reason … and onto peoples heads.

  11. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should or is good. PS. I think this reported need to BREATHE more when talking. Why so much excitement?

  12. Still won't be able to deliver controlled substances like painkillers and amphetamines. Still have to show up at the counter to claim those and if they find a way to ship them by drone anyway, people will be waiting to shoot them out of the sky to get them. Good luck with all this. Seems more of a publicity stunt than any practical value proposition for anyone.

  13. A lot of delinquents & homeless people will be looking up, following those packages, & then taking them. They do the same with UPS & FedEx

  14. SO inefficient! ! ! Why does he have to walk all the way around? Its a drone for Gods sake, have it land in front of you! ! ! !

  15. A message to the drone paranoids…
    I wouldn't worry about privacy. At some point, if justice prevails, courts will give land owners control over a certain amount of airspace above their property. If the Supremes ever say "No, you don't own any airspace" then we have something to worry about. That's possible, but only time will tell.

  16. Great idea but I don't think Walgreens is. the partner to pull it off with. Their stores are disorganized and dark the two staff members they have working at any given day are overwhelmed. the one lone pharmacist May have one pharmacist assistant end it takes for ever to get a prescription filled.

  17. The drones aren't constrained by weather? ROFLMAO! These people have never flown a drone on a strong windy day, a thunderstorm or really any heavy precipitation event. I've seen drones crashed several times in weather.

  18. I don't know why people are worried about the drones spying on them. We already have a bunch of bigger ones orbiting the planet that do just that.

    Maybe after we figure out how easy it is to get a sausage and egg McMuffin in the morning you'll change your mind about these things.

  19. This is amazing! I was so sick with the flu one year that I could not go to the pharmacy and so I had to get a friend to pick up the RX. I can see this working, but they didn't say much about the regulations.

  20. You didn't show an actual delivery. What do you mean "Not constrained by weather? A 6pd drone with a package hanging from it, can fly through a thunderstorm? At 60mph? Sounds like male bovine feces to me.

  21. Walgreen's hold's drone population for home delivery shipment's.

    Just remove from the container, bring the good's on the track, hook the good's and lift off by the aerodynamic drone machine that lift's of it's weight and also fly's to the address the goods is shipped.

    Now the drone gets it's tip as gratuity service?

    Now NSTB, FAA, CFR_Org regulation's OUTLINED the traffic and supplies and shipment and consumers and sellers?

  22. The sky above us should not be for sale to the highest corporate bidder. It is a horrible idea and will ultimately put people out of jobs

  23. Yeah Google and the government will have your official data recognition information and they will face scan you when did drones shows up with your medication for your own good of course

  24. This should not be allowed by federal law, job stealer , googles way of watching you . Americans as usually being sold out by there government.

  25. Friendly reminder

    Google is spying on you, collecting your data, manipulating your search results, and forcing mainstream media into your head daily. But they arent evil at all.

  26. So much noise from so many drones, just flying around the neighbourhood all day long…… God help us all. The sound alone will drive us all mad! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

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