We move you! Daimler Financial Services [English]

We move you! Daimler Financial Services [English]

We move people. Simply and easily. That is our mission. We have fundamentally changed the way we all move around. And we continue to lead the way with our ideas and digital services. Unmatched in our success. We move everybody – reliably and according to their own individual needs. We move the economy. Safely. Efficiently. Right on target. Our fleet management programs move entire companies. Digitally, connectively and smart. Worldwide. We move dreams… and make them come true. We finance, lease and insure. Within seconds if need be. We call it: mobility at your fingertips. We’ve changed the way we think about mobility. We’ve moved forward and broadened the horizon. And that is exactly what we will keep on doing. Because change is always certain. We move the stars. We move the world, because we move you.

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