Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Anti-aging products come in the form of creams and serums. They claim to make you look younger by reducing, hiding, or
preventing the signs of aging. High-end anti-aging products are some of the most expensive single-use
items in the world. Just 1 fluid ounce of
this rejuvenating serum will cost you $1,800, making it one of the most
expensive liquids on the planet. But do anti-aging products actually work? And does this explain why
they are so expensive? Dimitrios Tsivrikos: In all honesty, a number of these creams
are used as placebo effects. Anjali Mahto: More expensive
doesn’t necessarily mean better or more effective. Narrator: Most anti-aging
cosmetics, even budget items, tend to include a standard
set of ingredients: water, glycerin, acids,
oils, and vitamins. However, the costliest creams contain an array of extravagant additions. For example, Crème de la
Mer includes a trademarked “Miracle Broth” comprised of
hand-harvested giant sea kelp, which it claims has
“self-regenerating” powers. Commercial: These forests
are a source of concentrated energy we unleash for skin’s benefit. We call it Miracle Broth. Narrator: But according to skin experts, these expensive ingredients
aren’t guaranteed or necessarily proven
to be more effective. Mahto: Often what companies will say is, “My product contains
this really interesting botanical and natural ingredient. It’s therefore 10 times better
at moisturizing the skin than something else.” However, they’re under
no obligation to prove that it’s that ingredient itself that is causing the
moisturizing properties, or something very basic as glycerin, which is found in most moisturizers. Product claims don’t
necessarily have to stack up in such a necessarily rigorous way. Narrator: In the US, for example, anti-aging medications must have approval from the Food and Drug Administration for both safety and effectiveness, whereas anti-aging cosmetics,
such as creams and serums, do not require FDA approval
before they go on the market. Tsivrikos: When it comes
to anti-aging promises, it’s a very gray area. A number of these companies promise people that they will actually reverse aging, they will actually make
people look youthful again. Simply by just allowing
a clinical population to test your product, there’s a great deal of smoke and mirrors at that stage. Because, in reality, we can
actually say with confidence that most of these clinical
studies are not to be trusted. Narrator: And the price consumers pay for the most expensive products is significantly higher
than the cost of production. A 2010 investigation by the Daily Mail found that recreating a 3.4-ounce pot of Crème de la Mer from
readily available ingredients is estimated to cost roughly $35. Whereas Le Mer markets
their products at $510. We contacted La Mer
about this investigation, and they responded, saying: Tsivrikos: When it comes to purchasing a very expensive product, most likely about 60% to 70% of the price that we might be paying
is related to the cost of the manufacturer to
produce and package the cream, rather than the actual product. Narrator: But the desire
to retain youthful looks is nothing new. Cleopatra is thought to
have taken daily baths in donkey milk for its acidic properties, while women of the French
court would pour aged wine on their faces, a process
which is now recognized as having exfoliating benefits. But a blitz of beauty adverts in mid-20th-century magazines that demonized women for having so-called “middle-aged skin” was the catalyst for a now
booming anti-aging industry. The anti-aging market
is expected to exceed $216 billion by the end of 2021, but a large part of that includes cosmetic procedures such
as Botox and face-lifts, arguably an extreme answer
to our natural aging process. Mahto: I feel like I’m
seeing a lot of young women in their mid-20s that are
worried about skin aging. We are currently living in a society that is so focused on outwards aesthetics. So I think there is also a driving need for people more interested in things like laser surgery or injectables
like Botox or filler from a much, much younger
age than we’ve seen before. Narrator: So despite the
lure of magical remedies and luxurious concoctions,
avoiding skin damage and combating the signs of aging don’t need to be so expensive. Mahto: Budget products can
be equally as effective as their more expensive counterparts. The focus shouldn’t be on
the cost of the product. Wearing a good-quality
sunscreen, SPF minimum 30, ideally 50, throughout the year. The reason for that is that
80% to 90% of the signs that we associate with skin aging occur directly because of sunlight. So we’re talking fine lines,
wrinkles, pigmentation. No. 2 is the use of a vitamin-A-based
product or a retinoid. One doesn’t need to spend a fortune, and, probably, once you’re
spending beyond more than 25, 30 pounds on a product,
it’s probably unnecessary.

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  1. More lies and this might be why so many writing lies have now been fired. Tell lies, win no prize. The cure for ignorance has been found. It won't be tolerated from this point forward. We call it a miracle that the USA people can still wake from their poisoned slumber.

  2. Or it has nothing to do with how effective the products are, it's just a "status symbol" to fulfill the emptyness inside those buyer's heart……..I heard that's why people buy Hermes birkin bag.

  3. It has to be due to your background. Norwegian German Italian that's how u will look. Look at your mom and grandmother that's what u will look like…
    I'm Norwegian and very pale I'm 70 and look 40. Thank u mom

  4. Ok, but why does this video focus so much on Crème de la Mer, when there are thousands of other brands that do the same thing?

  5. Sunscreen and other sun protection, Retinol/Rentin A, Niacinamide, a double cleanse, and vitamin C are pretty much all you need for anti aging. Maybe a bit of AHA/BHA as well.

    Brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe, and The Inkey List are very affordable and have pretty high quality products.

  6. Well you forget that your 20$ is someones 2000$, so they they really dont care spending 5$ on cre dela mer or whatever its called

  7. – 'We have a problem. We are all gonna die one day.'
    – 'That's not a problem. It's a solution.'
    I had that conversation with a friend. After that, I embrace aging.

    Almost of them are far too greasy or heavy and will clog your pores, causing issues with your skin. Go to Ulta, Sephora, or even Walmart and pick up a cheap SPF product that is made for faces and necks.

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  9. The bigger the lie, more people will believe it. And if a lot of people believe it then there's no reason for it to be cheap.

  10. A comparison of the ingredients will tell you all you need to know.  Something I learned from Paula Begoun of Paula's Choice, thank you Paula.

  11. If there’s anyone watching this video who is worried about wrinkles & getting older, please remember that aging is a privilege denied to many.

    I wish I could see it experienced by my friend, Jacob Power 1994-2012

  12. For a report on unethical profits from cosmetic companies… y’all sure did use a lot of click bait…. just saying

  13. While watching this video all I could think about is the big irony. The paradox of young Caucasian women spending their early adulthood consuming alcohol, smoking/vaping, and sunbathing/tanning. Then in their 30s they look like grandmas and resort to purchasing "anti-aging" products. Oh the irony!

  14. just ask your husband/boyfriend to apply some special white stuff to your face and they will gladly oblige. Plus it's free. And clinically proven to reverse aging…

  15. Billionaires and top tier celebrities with so much money, they all get old.
    If those snake oil works, rich people would look so much younger even without their thick make up.

  16. Use sunscreen and umbrella when you go outside especially if you live in the southern states. If you have any autoimmune diseases please use an umbrella. Especially if you're type 1 and type 2 diabetic. Also men with facial hair. Your facial hair is a great protection from the Sun. There's a lot of information on the benefits of growing mustaches and beards and so forth. Unfortunately us women that can grow because we do have to toss around in our body to would not be accepted as much. Then there are those that do grow in and don't give a f***. And to them I say hooray to you. But sunscreen and umbrella and drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated.

  17. The only reason anti aging products are priced high. Cause no poor young people will buy it. These only bought by well of old working people.

    Old people will usually pay more

  18. 1. Retinol every night
    2.Orange blossom hydrolate mixed with HA every day and night
    3.Sunscreen every day
    4.Glycolic acid once a month

    This is key to young, glowing skin, I use these, my mom uses these too, the results are great!

  19. The only cream scientifically proven to boost collagen (which prevents aging) is Tretinoin also called Retin A. Its an acne medication and only available with prescription.

  20. The last time I was at the store, beauty products were so expensive, I furled my brow at the price tag hard enough to require buying another several creams for the new wrinkles. That's where they get you.

  21. Good 8 hours of sleep, stress control, no toxic people around you, food without pesticides and preservatives etc… Avoid too much exposure to the Sun.. It makes you wrinkled.

  22. Im amazed how many women believe these creams work they don't you are wasting your time and money you are getting old and nothing can change that

  23. These woman who use these anti- aging products age in dog years anyway so they just need to face facts they will look like a scrotum when they get older. Live with it.

  24. Homemade anti aging cream:
    No drinking alcohol🍷
    Try to be positive 😁
    Drink water 💧
    Eat healthy foods 🍅 🥬🥒🥦
    Exercise 🏃
    Try to be stress free 😊

    It’s a lot right?
    Then y not just age? It’s a natural process of the human body just let it go and accept the fact that wrinkles exist or you can pay $519 for a la mer cream

  25. – don’t do drugs
    – don’t drink tons of alcohol
    – don’t expose your skin to sunlight a lot
    – sleep enough
    – moisturize
    – eat healthy

  26. "Anti-aging" preparations don't work. …no sh*t. Did we really need a BI report to tell us this? You should do a video explaining how putting your hand in fire is a bad idea.

  27. I just keep out of the sun/use SPF, use reasonably priced moisturizers and a no frills drugstore retinoid. That's kept my skin smooth and free of sun damage

  28. I’m a guy,35 years old,not even a single fine line or wrinkle on my face yet,no brown spots and pigmentations as well.My skincare routine is very simple:gentle cleanse,moisturize,and daily spf30 sunscreen.Make sure you have active ingredients of Vitamin C(L Ascorbic acid),Vitamin A(retinol,I use tretinoin) , niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid included in your routine,then you are pretty much completed your whole effective anti aging skin care.

  29. An organism ages/dies because at some point the cells will stop replicating. To maximize the number of times of cell reproduction and live longer, I suggest people take that $510 for the La Mer’s creme-whatever that thing is and buy some healthy food to eat. Your skin looks better if your cells are nourished.

  30. 1:00
    Man the wording used for this product makes it sound good when in reality it does nothing

    Hand harvested sea kelp 😭😂😂😂😂 so wtf if it was machine harvested idgaf

  31. I used to work for a skincare products company who sold to the shopping channels on tv and it cost less than $3 to make a 100ml tube of anti-ageing shit, and sold it for $199, lol. We produced cheap supermarket stuff and upmarket shit and they use nearly the exactly the same stuff there's no difference. We used to sell 'concentrated' Vitamin C boosters that had 0.01% Vitamin C and it cost 45cents worth of ingrediencts, lol.

  32. Learn from asians! Why do you think Asians look like they never age? Because they keep out of the sun. Whereas westernized countries are constantly trying to get IN the sun to get tanner.. which leads to more wrinkly skin.. which lead to the need for face creams.. BECAUSE of the sun exposure..

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