Why the market for skin whitening is growing

Why the market for skin whitening is growing

It’s a care package for my mom back home in Los Angeles. It’s always filled with everyday
items and a bunch of Filipino goodies. Instant noodles in here, sinigang soup packet, fruit from my mom’s backyard, toothpaste But then there’s this skin whitening products Skin whiteners are a big business. More than four hundred million dollars worth of skin whitening products is sold each
year in India alone Eight out of ten women in Nigeria use skin lightening products, the world’s highest percentage Skin lightening market in Asia-Pacific
alone is valued at over 13 billion US dollars In 2015, the skin whitening industry was worth about $10 billion worldwide And by 2024 it is expected to more than triple to $31.2 billion These products have been around for a long time and have proven to be damaging physically and emotionally So what accounts for the growing popularity? For starters skin whitening products
rely on advertisements like these “Wow, you have the most beautiful, glowing skin” “Now, I have visibly fairer skin” Skin color forms part of what gives us access and prestige in society All these negative
associations that society has already imposed on dark skin You can’t be happy.
You can’t find a man. You don’t fit into society beauty ideals So the advertising is only reinforcing and exacerbating a sustained message Thanks to globalization, it’s a message that’s reaching more people every year The worldwide cosmetics market was worth about $293.5 billion last year and it is expected to grow That growth is fueled by a rising middle class especially in the Asia-Pacific region which has the biggest share of the cosmetics market But these products and the messages of
these ads are destructive because they rely on a concept called “colorism” which sociologist Margaret Hunter defines as the process of discrimination that
privileges light-skinned people of color over their dark-skinned counterparts. One study showed that lighter skinned black women in North Carolina received shorter prison sentences than their darker peers Another study found that white
interviewers deemed light-skinned blacks and Hispanics more intelligent than
dark-skinned people who had identical educational achievements. They also reinforce centuries-old ideas about race and hygiene. Check out these old soap ads. This was part of a larger project of presenting white civilization, European civilization as superior and here, the association is that blackness is a form of uncleanliness that can be wiped away But it’s also, in many ways, simply a very blatantly racist ad. During the civil rights era, the Black Power movement sought to counter this idea with
messages like “Black is beautiful” but that message hasn’t undone the damage
wrought by centuries of colorism Cause this looks a lot like that one Cause the way brown looks These products are also dangerous because they can physically
damage the skin I’ve seen very intense cystic acne I’ve seen irreversible skin thinning From using high-strength hydroquinone I’ve seen ochronosis, which is a paradoxical darkening of the skin. Aside from creams and soaps, there’s a wide variety of ways people are lightening their skin like getting chemical peels using glutathione injections or pills or even applying cleaning bleach to their face and body Hydroquinone is a highly toxic chemical
used in photo processing, rubber manufacturing and hair dyes but it is also one of the most commonly used ingredients for skin whitening It’s regulated in the U.S. and banned in certain countries abroad but consumers get their hands on high concentrations of it through under-the-table sources In the U.S. light-skinned beauty standards still exists in more subtle messages like who is considered the most beautiful and some celebrities of color appearing to have lighter skin over time You are looking to be white. What do you
say to that? I would say that as an adult you decide to do things It’s like, do you guys condemn people who tan their skin? Do they do it because they hate themselves? No, it’s a choice as an adult While wanting lighter skin is
not a crime nor is it necessarily bad it’s important to be conscious of this
choice and why it’s different from skin tanning or putting on lipstick Because ultimately, from applying creams and getting regular treatments to avoiding skin tanning all together skin whitening is a way of life Attitudes are starting to change with inclusive makeup lines and emojis, media campaigns celebrating dark skin beauty and more celebrities talking about the issue “I still feel like that’s what we’re fighting, healing from the past” But many people are still unaware of their preferences for light skin because it’s so deeply ingrained in
society and despite the criticism and safety issues of these products the projected growth in sales means the world still has a long way to go until the practice of skin whitening becomes obsolete

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  1. Bro I hate my white skin color 🙁
    I wish I had darker skin. It just seems so beautiful to me. I’d trade in a heartbeat

  2. Then we have america where people are risking skin cancer to "look better" where i live more people will point out very white skin then dark skin

  3. 5:42 i'm sorry but i just had to mention this, that's @Jovita George, a beauty youtuber, and from all the videos i've seen of her i've never once seen her promote colorism. on the contrary she regularly dismisses racial colorism and prejudices and is vocal about her disapproval of companies like fair and lovely, lakme, etc.(she even made a video dissing them), so the usage of her clip at that point of the video is erroneous and unnecessary. you can do some research yourself before confirming.

  4. in South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh,pakistan etc. fair skin plays a huge role when it comes to arranged marriages. People only look for women with fair skin. In South Asia, it's less to do with Europe but more to do with the caste system i think.

  5. I think at this moment in time the "why" isn't important, it's the "how" to do so in a safe way, with safe products. The people that want to, will continue to tan or lighten regardless of studies, attitudes towards, thoughts of, etc.. etc. So just as we've looked for safer ways to tan, we should look for safer ways to lighten. Not everyone wants to tan and not everyone wants to lighten but for those that wish to, safe products should be easily accessible.

  6. I rememmber I was in beauty section looking for a moisturizer(hydrating) but then the employee offer me whitening cream and say a lot of good things about that product.

    I don't need it!😠
    I love my sawo matang ok!

  7. Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner makes herself darker. Strange world we live in. I know when I get tan, I get brown easily and I’m treated differently (not in a good way).

  8. it never seemed prevalent to me until I've decided to do DIY skincare and seen how most Indian recipes got lemon or orange in them for skin whitening

  9. After 2500 years of colonization by the pale Romans-Europeans, the brains of the AfrAsians can't function anymore, they are addicted to the pale-skin colonizers.


  11. Those skin whitening products will stop if all people have accepted their color. People should focus more on how to make your skin healthy.

  12. Why are we so focused on our skin tint? (This is just a rhetorical question in general) White woman in America have been tanning for decades trying to get a more tanned look, but it's quite the opposite with naturally darker tints. So, what is the obsession come down to? My theory: Insecurities.

  13. pls go for organic and natural chemical free products that never cause skin problems healthy skin is best weather it is dusky black or brown or fair what ever

  14. The grass is always greener. For some reason it seems that we as human beings are programmed to live with constant dissatisfaction.

  15. Well personally, I don't "believe or trust" none of these news reports, seems like there lips are moving but someone is putting words in there mouths speaking for them!

  16. You are adding all countries in one and try to explain colourism with single reason? How lazy are you? Sure some countries with long history of colonial exploitation has racial reason however some other countires was having lighter skin preference long before the first contact with european.

  17. It's a solution also not just a problem. the problem is focused on harmful products, ingredients, advertising…these create an overall destructive effect on a person or peoples identity as a cultural group.
    the real solution to be had from some methods of melanin reducution and pigmentation correcttion could correlate to the already decades old problems of worth and identify, that in turns increases dependency on subculture identification and substance abuse…the latter of which is directly connected to a melan'ated persons addictions and their difficulty in recovery.

  18. You call it colorism. I call it prejudice. All races have it sadly. Every race has someone who prefers lighter skin. I don’t understand why people just can’t be happy. Without all the skin bleaching or tanning. It’s horrible…

  19. I think fair skin is amazing but being real, I will never get a paper white, so I prefer start loving myself and being less critical of my own self

  20. Colorism is inherent you can’t make it go away people are born with it and it’s subconsciously affecting everyone’s decisions.

  21. Unpopular opinion-
    Who gave rise to industrialism?

    Without them the world will still be like it is in 14th century. They are the engine of the world that makes the world to skyrocket.

  22. I'm white, very white and I don't like it because you can see all my skin imperfections, but i have a friends who has a darker skin tone and the only thing she wants is a lighter skin… I don't know why… I wish i had her skin color

  23. Lighter skin has always been a symbol of status throughout many different cultures and civilizations as it shows that you aren’t a peasant/that you can afford to just stay inside

    Yes, racism does play a part, but it should definitely be noted that it was a thing before white people had contact with people of colour.

  24. You have to remember that 100 years ago colorism was a think in Europe as well, pale skin was associated with high class and aristocracy and ten skin was associated with farmer or working class, that’s why keeping pale skin specially among women was very important during Victorian and Edwardian era, but time change and we know now more tan skin, sun kissed skin is better looking now, skin look more healthier and body look more contoured when you have tan, in 2000s we want to extreme with tanning but I see that now in Europe self-tanning and solarium are not popular anymore as they use to be. And believe me during 2000s finding foundation or powder for white pale skin in drugstore in my country was a nightmare, we had to buy very expensive foundation from MAC or Inglot. Pale skin is not force on other continents because “white supremacy” in Asia reasons are the same as they were in Europe a century ago, pale white skin is associated with high class.

  25. also people who are willing to do these things to get someone who is only attracted to certain types of men or women,if they can't change the person's preference,the desperate will probably try to change themselves.

  26. White people are trying to get dark.. black people are trying to get lighter… just love who you are! Dont change something that makes you, you!

  27. I once experimented on myself to see if thes "skin whitening" lotions do work. I applied lotion only on my right leg and not on my left leg everyday for 3 weeks.
    When i compared both legs, they both look the same as before….

  28. Celebrities help dictate what is beautiful and what is not. They are creating unrealistic beauty. I blame celebs and the industries, especially KPOP because of its influence in Asia. 🤮

    I'm White and low key want to be Black. 😆

  29. Part of this, is also the association of lighter skin with more money. Historically richer people didn't have to do hard labor outside, where the sun tans you. I'm sad people have to use harsh products to feel good about their skin color. All of us are unique and beautiful 💞

  30. well… I live in Korea and i think regarding a lighter skin as a beauty in korea has nothin to do with white people because lighter skin has been the standard of beauty even before european culture has been adopted to our country. we don't always envy about the things that belong to western culture

  31. Stop it and get some help!!! This white skin products are just discusting and very disturbing ! Just be proud of who you are!!!!

  32. Toward the end you've used a clip of YouTuber Jovita George in a way that shows she supports skin-whitening when she is strictly against it and has spoken out about it innumerable times. She's all about self-love and being comfortable in your own skin. Please don't just add whichever clip suits your theme without prior research.

  33. I think it is worth adding that in some Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, and China, they whiten their skin in an effort to seem more privileged, as in the old day white skin meant less time out working the fields, and more time indoors getting educated.

  34. "thanks to globalisation its a message that's reached…." … India's cast system is derived from it's religious history, NOT globalization… Team America – world police – strike again…

  35. Btw Micheal Jackson had a skin condition that made him lose his pigmentation that made him white. He didn’t want to be white as he said in a interview. So he doesn’t matter in this video

  36. More black women are comfortable in their skin. I wished the video would have given more examples of skin lightening in the Asian community. After all it was the narrator’s Asian family who sent her the creams.

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