Work-at-home Jobs: NO PHONE Required!

Work-at-home Jobs: NO PHONE Required!

Angie here from Today, we are going to be talking about one
of your favorite topics, and that is work-at-home jobs that don’t require you to be on the phone. Now, this could be a big issue if say, you’re
a stay at home mom and you have young kids at home that are making a lot of noise during
the daytime hours and it’s really not cohesive to working a customer service job, so you
may be looking for some other options. And this doesn’t just apply to work-at-home
moms, because there’s going to be some of you out there who may be live in an apartment
building, and things can be a little loud during the day, and that background noise
is often prohibited with some of the phone opportunities. Or maybe you just don’t like to be on the
phone, and that’s the case with many people looking to work from home. That’s okay, because there are so many other
opportunities that are going to be available to you. That is what we are going to be talking about
today. The first one I wanted to talk to you about
is going to be for those of you who may have a teaching background, or even just a college
degree, and that is scoring. Now, what scoring is is you may be scoring
tests, you may be scoring essays. These jobs, they are flexible. Sometimes they are temporary and seasonal,
depending on the school year. They can pay anywhere from $8 to $20 an hour. At minimum, like I said, they are going to
require you to have a college degree, if not a teaching background. One of the companies that hires for that is
called Pearson Scoring. There are some others as well. The next one that I want to talk to you about
is chat or email customer service. While you may not be on the phone talking
to people, you can still be providing customer service through those little chat boxes that
you see on websites or even email. These don’t always pay the best. These positions are something that’s in demand
because a lot of people don’t want to be on the phone, so you may be looking at positions
paying minimum wage to around $12 or $15 an hour. Now, one of the companies that hires for this
is Apple At Home. If you use Apple products or are familiar
with their product line, that may be a good one for you. Uber occasionally hires chat agents for their
customer service lines as well, so do check into that. I’m going to have a list available for you
here in the description of this video that you can go check out more about these positions
and some of the companies that hire for each. The third one that I want to talk to you about
is one of my favorite work-at-home opportunities for moms, and that is freelance writing. Now, there are so many opportunities available
within this field. You may be writing blog posts for bloggers. You could be writing articles for some of
the big news sites. You may also get into some of the other things
that we see these days, such as writing eBooks, or email newsletters, or even just social
media updates for businesses that have these online profiles that they need to keep constantly
updated and have good engaging content to share with their followers. Those are some of the things that may be available
to you if you have good grammar and native English speaking skills. Freelance writing, it is something that’s
open to beginners. If you get your foot in the door and start
getting a little bit of your portfolio built, this is something that can actually pay really,
really well. Often, it’s paid by the word or by the page. You can be looking upwards of $50, $75 an
hour, if not more, depending on your expertise, and your background, and the things that you
can offer. One of the great opportunities available to
beginners that may help relieve that data entry itch that so many of you have is transcription. Now, what transcription is just taking an
audio file and listening to that, and typing out what the people are saying into a Word
file, or a text file of some sort. A lot of companies will allow beginners in
the door. Transcription is almost always production-based
pay, so you’re going to be paid by the word, by the page, or by the audio hour in most
cases. Therefore, the faster you type and the less
amount of errors that you make, the more your earning potential is going to be with that. is one of the companies that does
accept beginners, so you may want to look into that one. Next on our list is search evaluator. This is a fan favorite in The Work at Home
Wife community. This one, it doesn’t pay too shabby. Basically, what you are doing is you are evaluating
search engine results. You aren’t working directly for Google. Google hires companies to hire people to do
this kind of work. You may be checking search results to make
sure that they are relevant and that they’re high quality. There are also ad evaluator positions in many
of these companies that are doing the same, making sure that ads are high quality and
relevant to the things that they are being displayed on. One thing to note here is that these positions,
they are project based. It’s not something that’s usually ongoing. You will be assigned to a specific project. In some cases, that project may only allow
you to work one hour a week. Sometimes we see upwards of 20 hours are allowed,
but there will be some instances where the project that you are assigned only allows
you a minimum amount of hours. This isn’t something that you can count on
to be steady to pay the bills, but it is a nice little job that you can keep on the side
to put a little bit of extra money in your pocket. Lionbridge and Appen are two companies that
hire for that. The last one that I wanted to talk to you
about is virtual assistant. This is a position that is really popular
among my audience as well. Virtual assistant these days can … It really
runs the gamut as far as what tasks are involved and the services that you can offer. Someone just getting involved in the field
may be able to offer things just such as email management, or answer people’s emails, or
even just keeping that inbox cleaned up. As you go along, depending on what your skills
are, you may get involved in things like social media. Freelance writing often falls in virtual assistant
field as well. You could also get involved in things like
video production, marketing, different aspects as far as blogging is concerned. You may be approving comments, responding
to comments, publishing and scheduling blog post. Everything that an online business needs to
do can often be done by someone else. In many cases, that can be done by a virtual
assistant. So let’s say you’re working for an Etsy owner
or an Etsy home-business shop owner. There you might be uploading their product
descriptions and photos of their products. It really runs the gamut as far as what you
can offer. And again, like most of the things that we
talk about in the online world, the pay is going to be relative to how in depth those
skills are. Something on the bottom there as far as email
management is concerned, that’s something that almost anyone can do, so it’s going to
garner a lot lesser wage than, say someone who is providing search engine optimization
services for an Etsy shop owner or an Ebay store owner. Those are some things to keep in mind. With the virtual assistant, almost any skill
that you could think of offering, you can probably learn it online somewhere. It’s just a matter of upping your skill set
to meet the demand, and also to meet that pay scale that you are seeking in the work-at-home
world. As I said, I left a link here in the description
that’s going to tell you not only more about these jobs and who hires for them, but also
several other opportunities as well. I’d also love to hear from you about what
work-at-home jobs you’re most interested in, or what things you have tried and whether
they have worked out for you or maybe not. That is information that I can certainly use
to help match you with some opportunities that are better suited for you. Go ahead and take a look at that list. Remember that if you sign up for my newsletter,
I also send out job leads, fresh work-at-home job leads, every Wednesday. Get signed up for that while you’re over there
as well. Until next time, I will talk to you later.

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  1. Thanks for watching my video on non-phone work-from-home jobs. I'd love to hear which options you feel are best for you!

  2. Sooo.. what was the name you said for beginners? Sounds like you said"Wev or"? Can you post the site or put it in this comment please, and thank you?

  3. Im in a very very difficult situation, where I have no more physical address in the USA anymore, well, I am in China at the moment, but I need big money, So I wonder if there's anything you know could advice me about online things, survey or sth, That I can earn here in China with a VPN. Also if anybody else know or have an idea please do let me know. Thank You All!

  4. Hi Angie, I just ran across your channel. I am wondering if you know of any companies that are hiring to process claims for people who have unclaimed monies sitting in bank accounts? I hope this question makes sense. If not, I would also like a job that pays good for data entry or processing medical claims. I have 20 years experience working in the medical field. I hope you can help. Thanks for the great videos and very helpful information.

  5. Are these jobs available internationally.I'm in the dominican republic and desperately interested in working at home,,any options and suggestions?

  6. Hello my name is Antoinette! I have been working with students in a building for 14 years and I have a degree in Education. However I also have customer service experience. I have two little girls and your video has inspired me to pursue online opportunities. I am looking for STABLE/PERMANANT home based customer service positions. Since you have experience working from home any thoughts or suggestions?

  7. I have done freelance writing for years and it definitely, in my experience, does not pay anywhere near $50-$75 per assignment. That is inaccurate. It definitely depends on the word count (as it is usually rated per word) and the agreed upon rate. Freelance writing for writers with expert experience and an excellent portfolio can definitely make what you've quoted, but not newbies.

  8. Hello, I am interested in testing/writing reviews for craft products and would also like to review or be a beta tester for computer software.

  9. I wish the highest paying ones wasn't impossible as a dyslexic. I can't do any sort of support as that's my day job so whether its on the phones, chat, or email it's conflict of intrest. So most other job requires good reading and typing skills and though I do type over 100 WPM if not speaking, I can't say that's it's very accurate. Accurate enough but not enough for a job. And I'm dyslexic. It's not something I can work on. My brain has to have the chance to turn the letters back around and there is no way around it. I've struggled with it as a call center rep my entire life and sitting in after call work finishing notes on an account. That's why I started MTurk. It's an array of things and in most cases I have 60 mins or at least 30 mins to complete a HIT. Plenty of time for my brain to do it's thing. I do have a few skills but not to the level of capitalizing on it like Fiver or teaching it in the case of something like skillshare. And I don't have the money to put out to get something like Dropshipping (something I haven't heard you mention yet and it seems to be a huge thing right now) going and off the ground. I was an Amazon Affliate but they blocked my banking account. I'm not sure why. I think it was because I didn't claim it on my taxes (as it happened right after I filed taxes) but that's because I had made a whopping $16. My youtube channel won't grow because it's too niche and speaking to a very narrow audience so obviously, since youtube descriptions is the only place I've put an affliate link, it didn't gain a ton. But not sure why they would block my banking account for $16.

    Anyway, just wishing and rambling to myself "outloud" that typing wasn't the biggest thing and wishing more good work at home oppurtunities were for those of us that are dyslexic or cannot learn to type faster and more accurate because our brain just aren't wired right. I need to suppliment my income. I'm physically disabled and cannot work a 2nd job physically so I need to pick up something online and man, I've been digging but coming back to needing to type fast and accurate to pick up some good extra income. Ugh!

  10. Hi..
    I was glad to hear about scoring jobs… I work for Measured Progress here in Louisville KY a few years doing scoring and I loved it but the company left the area. I was told by the company I was really good at scoring but I don't know how to find work scoring at home. I do have a degree a Bachelor's as well as Master's. Would really appreciate knowing where to look into scoring opportunities especially with elementary or middle school grades. Thanks so much!

  11. I'm relatively new at the online job thing. Your videos have been very helpful to me. I'm signed up for your newsletter and following you on Facebook. Thanks for the help.

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  14. Hi, Your videos are so informative. Thank you for posting videos. I have a question. I live in India and for the last 10 years I am working as a non voice para legal associate. I can work only on pure data entry jobs. I can give 100% quality output. Please tell me if there are any companies offering work from home data entry jobs (like excel data entry, form filling, PDF conversion, Ms word, etc.). Thank you.

  15. I need info on postcards I hear that is booming but I been shopping around the cheapest way to start. they shouldn't charge you to start. funds aren't big my end right now. I browse and found your video you did a great job, Angie.

  16. Hi Angie, i am looking for a work at home job to supplement my disability. Im not sure what kind would be the best kind for myself. I need it to be something fairly simple because im not very tech savvy. Only the very basics lol. Pls help me if you can.

  17. Hi Angie!! Just tripped over something and fell down your rabbit hole. Just the way YouTube was set up for!
    The question I have is, are there any openings for someone to correct grammar and sentance structure for online businesses? There are SO many foreign web sellers that have such poor English descriptions in online and written packaging material that it is sometimes barely readable. This has always bothered me and thought that someone has got to have an "in" on this. Tried to snoop around on this myself but no luck. Any suggestions from your years of wisdom?👸 Thanks in advance. You've got a nice channel and a new subscriber 🙂

  18. Hello – I wish you did a summary at the beginning or the end of your videos so we can see somewhat what the video will be about ! I really liked it touch.

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