Work from Home jobs for Stay at Home Moms 2019

Work from Home jobs for Stay at Home Moms 2019

Do you want to earn cash or some extra
cash in 2019. Now in this video I share a list of things you can do from home so you can earn that cash. For best advice for moms who want to find their identity or their
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the bell button for a notification if you’re wondering what you can do in 2019 to earn that cash or extra cash whether you’re staying home mom or your career
mom or your already a work from home that just needs that extra cash. I guess
everybody can use some cash in 2019 I share with you in this video list of
things you can do and explain the skills that is required whether you need any
training or experience. Now I take it a step further and you can download my
Dream Test Checklist where you can understand what kind of industry you
should go into because that’s super important so let’s get right. The first one is Virtual Assistants now with the advent of being an entrepreneur
online and running your businesses virtual assistants is basically exactly
what they are the assistants but they work virtually so that means you can do
it from home and what they do is they take care from emails to content and
they just run a business from their home even this is the fun part. Virtual Assistants don’t have to be with the business owners but they run it from
home and when you think about it that sounds good and you may be interested in it. The thing is you don’t really require any form of training per se but if you’re
thinking of getting jobs quickly I would say look online there are lots of
trainings online that you can do that can help you there tools online that you
can use that can help you and the good thing is if you’re a mom especially when
you stay at home mom you’ve been organizing, you’ve been putting things on
track , you been doing to do this i’s basically that but it instead of doing it for your children you will be doing it for a business right so the second one is
blogging now before I go on blogging requires some form of commitments so if
you decide you want to blog regular or maybe not that
regularly you need some form of commitment so you need to check that
first before you get into that because I blog on my MomLeader website every
Friday and I know the work that actually goes into it. So basically for blogging
you need to think about something that you really enjoy doing so it could
be from fashion to entertainment whatever it is that catches your fancy or
something that you’re already doing just blog about it put up your post for a
particular time every week so that you’ve your fans waiting for it and make
sure that you write something really interesting – have some pictures and
you’re good to go now do you require any formal training -NO do you need experience NO but of course you need to know love writing
obviously. now the third one is this remote workers now this is super
interesting did you know that Amazon actually hires remote workers? yes, they do from customer service offices to even managers now when you think about the
training it’s pretty simple it’s just like getting a regular job where you
work remotely so that means you can work from home for companies like Amazon and there are tons of companies out there that are doing that so all you need to do is
check what your experiences isand check what is out there. now go into the next one which is online surveys. Online surveys’ I’m going to
be honest with you it’s not one of the ways that you can become like a
millionaire because there’s a lot of work and they don’t really pay a lot. All you need to do is just go online there’s a lot of online surveys there
and why are there online surveys. A lot of companies actually do want to know
what their customers feel about their products so they put those products to
the Survey companies and you just go on there and you tell them how you feel,
your opinion about certain things and you get paid for it.
so obviously you don’t require any training, you don’t need any experience and it is one of the easiest thing you can do to make money from home. the next one is
online tutoring now that is basically based on what you can do so ask yourself
what kind of thing can I teach people that’s the first thing is really do you
like teaching so if you do enjoy teaching whether you’re already teach kids – maths at home or English at home you can actually make money on online
doing that so look up online tutoring and you can decide what subject
you want to teach about and there’s a whole range of subjects out there from
teaching school stuffs or even actually teaching day to day stuffs like how to
bake a cake or things like that so really for that the skills is based on
what you already know and you can use that to make extra cash and the next one
now it’s proofreaders. I have had experience with a proofreader when I
wrote my book and she was also mom so shout out so you
know mom’s supporting other moms; so what proof readers do basically is they
go through contents could be a website could be a book it could be any kind of
content so any kind of write up they go through it make sure that everything is
okay do all the editing that is required, give their suggestions on little tweaks here
and there and they proof read that contents now when it comes to training
you really don’t need any formal training but you should have a good
grasp of English right so you can really help out whoever has that
content so I’d say for proofreading you should have a love for writing and
reading because sometimes you can be given lots of content to go through and
that way you can make extra cash online and then the next one is testers I’ve done
this myself when I’ve moved to a different country and what he entails is
you test either apps or websites so what I’ve done before is actually
testing out a website and you get paid but going through the website so
basically what you do is most customers I mean sorry, most businesses before
they put up their websites or their apps or their games they want a first
feedback so they send it out to you, you test it out, you look through the website
you tell them what is easy to use you tell them things they can tweak here and
there and then some companies actually create quite a lot for that and then
what you do is you give them their feedback and they work from there
now do you require any experience from doing that not really you don’t need any
training but it’s always good when you have like some kind of a portfolio building
so I would say over time just keep you know working with different companies not depending on how much they paid and after a while you’ll get the big job so that’s that
one and then the last one is graphic designing now if you know you have an
eye for details like you love designing things I have an eye for details. Graphic designers usually make things from logos to websites and
things on cups you know those lovely mugs you see they do a lot of
designing work so if you know you have that and you of course you know how to
use a particular software on your computer which I would say Adobe you can look into doing graphic designing now With this list I have given you, you are thinking where do I go to even get your first job. You can sign up with fiver and up
work. I put the links in below so you can look that, There you have it
that’s the list of things you can do from home to earn that cash or the
extra cash in 2019. Now remember if you wonder which industry to go
into, I have attached a dream test checklist that you can download to
really find out what you want to go into before you do. Why am I so keen on
the Dream Test Checklist. the fact is when you’re working from home you need
to really do something you’re passionate about and you would enjoy doing so this
test is super easy to use just download it and then you can go through it and
just decide or determine which one you really really want to go into. If you
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identity, work with their passion and the purpose or even trying to get started
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