"You DON'T Need MONEY to Start a BUSINESS!" | Barbara Corcoran (@BarbaraCorcoran) | Top 10 Rules

"You DON'T Need MONEY to Start a BUSINESS!" | Barbara Corcoran (@BarbaraCorcoran) | Top 10 Rules

35 thoughts on “"You DON'T Need MONEY to Start a BUSINESS!" | Barbara Corcoran (@BarbaraCorcoran) | Top 10 Rules”

  1. Great video 👌 1. Proving the nay sayers wrong & focusing on my WHY always. 2. Starting an IG page for my biz today. 3. Incorporate indigenous/ ancestral wisdom into my biz idea 💡

  2. “You dont need money to start a business” not entirely true. Depends on the business. The reality is that it takes money to make money

  3. This is so sad, if ”overwork” is your first priority in life. If you are like this…you have NO LIFE!

  4. Just happened to come across this video earlier. I really needed after graduating from college. <3

    Thank you!

  5. 13:37 we all have those moments in our life, but only few people use them as motivation, very powerful!!!

  6. Awesome person… very likeable and full of brilliant advice. Can hear the passion in her voice. Took some really heavy hits and bounced back even stronger. Like these videos. Being able to get past the heavy hits and failures seems to be a reoccurring theme with all these successful people. They don't talk about the money really, they talk about how they make a business work and succeed. They also all talk about how it's the lifestyle and doing what you love that matters most.

  7. Some great jewels can be found in this video. However, she states explicitly in the video that she started her business with a $1000 loan.

  8. Wow. she is amazing. its nice to hear about these sucess stories because it will inspire you with new ideas and goals. the question is how to overcome the fear inside you or how to have a very creative idea than anyone . The thing is the idea that came across your mind it's with ten people already and it maybe not unique also just normal.

  9. I think that she is saying that she had the vision to work her business idea but she had an investor/partner who took 51%as terms of startup. The title is a bit misleading I think but listen to her whole message /philosophy…imo

  10. "You DON'T Need MONEY to Start a BUSINESS!"
    Overwork and overprepare
    Focus on your strengths and resources.

  11. I always enjoy your videos but this one is the new personal favorite.  I'd love to see a video from you with just the snippets of thought leaders giving their "how I made it" story. I remember Tai Lopez' story also being very memorable. Great job, Evan.

  12. #BTA4i (still tricky to keep track!)
    1. Not sure about turning a negative into motivation. I'll think about that one…
    2. Same as all my others, get my course created
    3. I'm 6'7" so I stand out naturally anyway, but I'm also incredibly loving and warm (if you give me a chance)

  13. I'm feeling bold and here's my answer to the three point landing questions. The negativity that I can turn into motivation is being told that I can't do something. The big idea I am getting started on is to become an inspirational speaker and what sets me apart from others is that #believe that I can achieve my goals and dreams with consistent hard work and determination to #inspirepeople and #OvercomeObstacles.

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