YouTube Collaboration and YouTube Algorithm Explained – New Collaboration Group

YouTube Collaboration and YouTube Algorithm Explained – New Collaboration Group

Hey what’s going on my name is Jacob
Billett CEO Billett Enterprises and today we’re going to be going through some of
the details of our new project we’re launching on the YouTube and that is the
YouTube Collaboration Group let’s do it Hey and welcome back so if you’re one of the new YouTube users out here like myself I’ve just started on
the platform started branding and coming out trying to
increase my exposure for some of my business operations and you’ve probably
run into a lot of similar problems that I’ve run into now one of the things
really is going out and finding quality communities that do support YouTube
there’s a little there’s a lot of things that are going on with people that are
going for sub for subs like for likes and they’re trying to boost their subscriber
count up but it’s really not quality subscribers and with the new algorithm
changes on YouTube that I have been studying up there’s a few things that I
want to bring up to your focus to make sure you don’t fall some of the same
traps that a lot of youtubers do and they never really go very far with the
platform so what’s the sub for sub right? so a sub for sub is what people are going
out to some of these groups and they’re basically saying hey if you’d like my
channel I’ll like your channel we’ll get subscribers and their main goal is to
get a thousand subscribers and get their 4000 watch hours to not watch minutes
watch hours to get monetized on the platform YouTube has really increased
the threshold to make sure that really only quality contributors are trying to
get monetized and making money on the platform so they’re under the assumption
that they can get their thousand subscribers and if they can get their
watch hours hopefully they can start making a little bit of money with the
YouTube algorithm changes that runs into some complications for example they’re
really prioritizing and creating a lot of exposures to channels that do have
active engagements so active engagement is for example if you have a hundred
subscribers but if your view users are getting hundreds or even thousands of
views and the engagement from these people that are following you or
subscribe to our watch videos if you’re speaking to if you’re
engaging you’re liking comments you’re really creating a community which is
what YouTube is really being based on is YouTube being based on having a quality
community that is again as a contributor or as a YouTube creator we’re adding value
to the platform those are the people that they want to expose those are
people that they want to grow on the channel and so really the sub for sub
is really a bad tactic even though the numbers might look good it doesn’t
really work in your favor I actually do partake in some sub for sub groups and one
of the reasons why I’m in those groups is I’m trying to talk to people and
trying to show them hey this might not be the best way let’s go ahead and do
this a better way because a lot of people just don’t understand you know me
being a new channel me being a businessman I’m coming out from some of
the mediums that I’ve used over the years and just like with any business
venture I’ve ever done I go in I do my research I do it the right way so I can
make money and YouTube is really gonna be another additional revenue stream for
my company and I can go and I can touch more lives and build my influence which
is really what I’ve been wanting to do you know I’m just giving back as much as
I can so that’s what a sub for sub is a view for view is again people are trying
to abuse the algorithms so view for view is like hey if you come in and if you view
one of my videos for two or three minutes what they’re doing is they’re
bumping up the average view times on their content and for you to do that
they will subscribe to your channel do the same
they’re basically they’re trying to trick the algorithms and it may be
successful for a bit to some people but again the engagement factor comes in if
there’s no engagement if there’s the dead subscribers or dead subs this
really does affect the algorithm and there’s not a lot of men again just look
at this with brutal honesty how do I do all of my business the vast majority of
people that do these kind of programs are never successful on the platform and
that’s just how it works you know they’re they’re just trying to get data
they’re trying to get numbers they don’t really go anywhere so that’s really how
this works and that’s why I saw this problem and I saw this
or early I’ve had my account on YouTube for quite some time I’ve really only
started creating any kind of content here in this past couple of weeks and
again going out trying to research trying to find good groups trying to find good
circles to get involved with it was really kind of tough for me and again
and I was actually talking to another creator that’s coming on board with us
it’s just spam factories so you can go to these groups and they have you know ten
thousand hundred thousand three hundred thousand members in these groups I mean
there’s 60 70 80 spam posts every hour there so trying to get discovered using
those kind of communities this is really really really hard and so we decided to
kind of address this so we did create a matter of fact I’ll put the link in
below to the Facebook group again it is the YouTube collaboration center we do
have a page and we do have a group and what we’re trying to do is and again
it’s a selective group not everybody’s gonna be able to come in not everybody’s
gonna want to come and we’re gonna have people coming and try and take advantage
of systems just like everywhere else but we’re gonna pride ourselves on having
quality contribution and people really working to help each other out and a lot
of people don’t really see the amount of power there is with collaboration with
other users for example if you come in and again my niches are
fairly broad because business relates into a lot of different things
throughout life so for example if you’re if you’re a chef matter of fact I’ll be
bringing the chef on to do an interview here in the next few coming weeks he
actually just contributed to a a cook-off contest out and Las Vegas they
got second place he just barely missed that first place for a battle for the
chefs super proud of them anyways if you’re a cook but you have your own
restaurant well not only are you a chef or or professional cook you are also a
professional business owner and so bringing people in with the
entrepreneurial spirit or you know that have a business minded mindset coming in
we can basically help each other out collaborate interview bounce ideas off
each other strengthen that relationship
and then expose each other to each other’s user bases so for example if he
has a thousand subscribers and I have a thousand subscribers there’s a good
chance again on the business side of things
that some of his users may find some of my content interesting meaning that even
if I have a 20% appeal rate for lack of better words on his channel this
could potentially mean that I could bring in another 200 subscribers I
like food and again and I love food I like to eat so I do my cooking channels
I do like saying what some of these guys do because I’m like man I would eat that
I would eat that right now right so bringing those people on board I’ve got
a lot of meathead friends that happen follow me over the years that would look
at some of this work and go dude yes I want to learn how to do that and it
would appeal to them as well so again even if we only appeal to 20% of our
user bases we could potentially increase our following 20% just by working
together just by being a team together and that’s really something a lot of
people thought that I’ve lost focus not only on the platform but also in life
you know a lot of people are so worried about cutting each other’s throats that
they can’t look at hey how can we work together to benefit each other look how
can we merge how can we outsource how can we you know you’re really good at
doing this like you’re super good at doing this I suck at doing that so bring
your skills on board and I’ll help you with something that I’m really good at
right again I’m not a crossfitter I can’t come in and go hey or I’m not a
marathon or a triathlete so I can’t have somebody come up to me and go hey man
teach me how to run you know 26 miles dude I die I wouldn’t die running 26
miles I don’t do that but I could show you how to squat and I could show you how
to benchpress kinda right so like I can I can tell you have a rock a smedium t-shirt like I can really show you how to do that but there’s things that I
suck at but you know what I actually got a buddy of mine who does marathon matter
fact Eric I’m talking to you in California now you professional runner
this guy is gone now this guy’s done 100-mile races I mean this this guy is
just lunatic right but he knows how to do it he knows how to train for it he
knows how to mentally prepare for it I mean I again I would die I would make
it maybe two miles and and that’s it like that that’s all I got for it right
I mean I my heart was in the right I can send him to somebody that can help him
to train for that particular event that’s the power of collaboration that’s
it and again you don’t have to make the sale you don’t have to be the person
that has the answer but if you direct somebody to the
resources that has that answer you’ve got a raving fan you’ve got something
that will and don’t just that as a trust factor if you have a product and there’s
somebody’s got a superior product to you that you know it’s gonna fit that
person’s needs better than what you can do just ethics wise I mean of course
you’re gonna go for the sale you know but if they’re I mean if this is a
life-or-death thing hey man if you’re on the fence about this you can take a look
at something else here this might better suits you
but because you have that personality or they have that trust in you knowing that
you’re not trying to screw them over and this has happened to me more often than
not the client will come back and go you know what yeah I’d like your customer
service even though that might be just a little bit better for my money I know
that if I purchased something from you you’re gonna back it up a hundred
percent I trust you you weren’t trying to screw me over you learn my business
and that has happened more often than not to me and so again the power of
collaboration so you know kind of nitty-gritty details the kind of
psychology behind this and why we’re doing this again there will be a link in
the description below follow it you know it is going to have you subscribe to my
channel and that’s one of the reason I make sure there’s not a huge churn rate
there’s not a lot of people that are going in you know breaking out resources
sucking what they can bouncing you know and using because
again people do that here it is what it is you know so if I can kind of
keep some tabs on what people are doing here on the platform especially being
associated with this group and let’s help each other grow man and there is so
much opportunity in the world all the thing you gotta do is just you’re not a one-man army you know being self-made is one of the
worst things I’ve ever heard because you know what
I’m not self-made I’m not I learned from people I ask questions there’s things
that I sucked at that I went to school for to get a little bit better if it
wasn’t for my beautiful wife I would even be here in the first place
she came on board she had better ideas on certain things she could do things
better than what I could on certain things she came in she ran the
organization from the back end so I could go out and I can continue
conquering and build the empire for my family and again I will never say that
I am self made at all it just is what it is so if you get that mentality out of the
window you come out you network you collaborate let’s do this as a team and
let’s celebrate as a team and I hope to see you there thank you

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  1. Looking forward to collaborating with many of you, let's do it! What are your thoughts on collaboration? Do you enjoy it? Have you ever don it? Share your experiences below!

  2. This is such an awesome idea!! Especially collaboration with others who have a completely different niche! Love it

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